Honoring My Sister and Her Husband

Today is the 50th wedding anniversary for my “big” sister and her husband. Man, think about it — 50 years of marriage! I am very happy that they reached this important milestone in their relationship. And I was there when they got married, but was just a tyke and don’t remember much.

But what I do remember is observing how their relationship grew and formed an even closer bond with each passing year. My sister and her husband are role models to me (and many of us in the family. Remember, she is but one of 15 of us… but a shining star among all.)

Their oldest daughter was my first niece. I don’t like to play favorites among my 39 nieces and nephews, but there is always something special about the first one. Their other children also hold a special place in my heart.

My niece was the first to get married and have children of her own, so my first great nephew is also from this branch of the family tree. And man, he’s just about to graduate from college. Makes my sister and me feel old. (But not too much.)

This sister has always been close. When a sister is so much older (ouch… I mean, significantly older? How about just “older”) than me, she takes on more maternal roles rather than typical sibling roles (with the usual sibling bickering.) I do not remember any bickering with this sister — just lots and lots of love.

This sister was the one who helped my Mom understand what it is to have a gay son. My Mom did not know what to do or what to expect, and my sister listened and helped my Mom understand that I was the same guy — and that my love was for a man, not a woman.

Today on this blog I honor my “big” sister M and her husband, who have held a steady and ongoing bond of love for one another, their children, and grandchildren. They raised a great family. I am honored to have them in my life — to love, cherish, and honor today and always.

Life is short: honor your family!

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