Fall Frolicking–In Boots, Of Course

We have hundreds of trees on our property. Fortunately, we have very little lawn in comparison with the amount of our property that we leave to nature.

Once each autumn, enough leaves from our back yard trees fall on the front and side lawns that require blowing, raking, and toting to the far rear of our property to the compost pile.

Such was our last weekend… and while removing the leaves, I wore a pair of boots that have a triple use — cowboy, motorcycle, and work. What were they?

Chippewa briar pitstop boots in their rugged outdoor “Arroyos” lineup. These boots are marketed to truckers, bikers, and also as work boots. They really are versatile.

Ordinarily, I wear regular old work boots, like Timberland or Chip Loggers when I do yard work because those boots have a lower heel, which I prefer to wear when I do that kind of activity. However, I wanted to break in these Chippewa cowboy/biker/work boots some more. Plus, they’re darned comfortable. I wore them all day and my feet felt great. And since they’re water resistant, I hosed off the soles at the end of the day and my feet didn’t get wet.

My spouse and I raked all the leaves, put them in the compost pile, and now we are done for the season. When we were through, I jumped in the pile of leaves for a little fun. However, I didn’t drag my spouse in with me — we remain concerned about ticks and other nasty bugs that could be in there. As soon as he took these photos, I undressed and took a shower. (into which I DID drag my spouse, but remember, this is a G-rated blog!)

Life is short: love life and have fun!Fall2013blogFallfun1

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