New England Ride

This week, I flew to New Hampshire and rented a Harley Street Glide. My riding buddy “S” met me. “S” lives here. I followed “S” to his home and settled in as “base camp.”

We will ride 5 days throughout some of the U.S. States of New England — New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Our rides are not aggressive, though the first two days, we rode a total of 371 miles. We saw…

… beautiful scenery on good roads that were dry and had gentle curves through forests, over mountains, and through lovely valleys.

The weather is perfect — low 50s (10C) in the morning. Wearing layers is best — long-sleeved t-shirt, flannel shirt, thinsulate jacket liner, and my Rev’IT Tornado 3 jacket. As the day gets warmer, I shed layers for my riding comfort.

I did not bring leathers — even chaps — as I was not expecting it to be cold. My riding pants (thick cargo pants) work well.

I am glad I brought my Chippewa Firefighter lug-soled boots which keep my feet warm and act like snow tires for my feet when holding my Harley on an incline at a traffic light.

This ride is for five days. Not nearly as long or aggressive as our trip in Arizona and Utah last year. This is enough… and good for my soul to ride free with my buddy again.

Life is short: ride to live, and live to eat!

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