State of Bootlessness

I know it has been a while since I wrote anything for this blog. Sorry, my mind isn’t on my boots, or knowledge thereof.

Currently, I am in a state (rather, a U.S. territory) where I am in a state (i.e., condition) of bootlessness.


Sí, I have been on my favorite island, Puerto Rico, since early July. This is more-or-less my second home. I may (or may not) return to my home in Maryland by the end of the month.

All this year from January through June, I worked very hard as a volunteer to serve my community and honor my husband. I earned well-deserved time off.

I flew to Puerto Rico to house-sit and dog-sit for una amiga who had to go stateside for several weeks. I am staying in her large house and have the use of her car.

I have many friends here and have visited with them often. We have had meals together and gone on some adventures. I enjoy cooking for traditional Sunday mid-day meals on a friend’s farm up in the hills.

Mostly (not always, but mostly), I am relaxing. I have visited my favorite beach where I scattered my husband’s ashes and to swim.

I love this island and its people. Lento y contento — slow and happy — is how I am.

Life is short: live your life and enjoy well-deserved rest and relaxation.

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