SFO of Yesteryear Ain’t Today

Long, long ago and far, far away, I fell in love with San Francisco, California, USA. This was the second large California city that I grew to admire, the first being Los Angeles where I earned my doctorate degree.

But I digress. What do I mean by “SFO of Yesteryear Ain’t Today?”
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Boot Size: Manufacturers’ Dirty Little Secret

rp_Chipshine29.jpgI was communicating with someone the other day via email. The guy had concerns about the fit of Chippewa high-shine engineer boots (model 71418). He said that he bought a pair of the boots and that they caused severe, bleeding blisters and injuries on his toes. Through ongoing dialogue, he was blaming the steel toe and inflexibility of the boot’s foot to cause these problems. He asked more about fitting of the boots and differences in choosing larger, smaller, wider or medium-width sizing.

What I told him is a dirty little secret of boot manufacturers. Read on to learn what that secret is.
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What Boots for the Holiday Party?

I received an email the other day from a guy in Texas who asked,

I was invited to the office Christmas party at a restaurant in town. I was speaking with my wife about what to wear. She suggested a suit. I said that I wanted to wear my boots. She cringed and disagreed, saying that boots don’t go with a suit and pulled out a pair of black dress shoes and told me in no uncertain terms to wear them. Then I found your blog and now am questioning whether to go along with my wife or do what I wanted to do in the first place, wear my boots with a suit to the party. What is your opinion?

Okay, I’ll respond. But first…
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Cyber Monday Boot Shopping

CyberGreetings on so-called “Cyber Monday” which follows “Black Friday,” “Small Business Saturday,” and whatever Sunday was.

So are you like me and getting bombarded with all sorts of “sales of the year” promotions from boot retailers? Are you in the market for a new pair of boots for yourself or a loved-one for Christmas? Do you have trouble sorting out reality from marketing hype, and sometimes (oops, like me again) have trouble with sales resistance?

Here are some tips on on-line boot buying from a boot-shopping pro…
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Up and Out

We had another spectacular “no senior is lonely” Feastival yesterday, with 105 guests, 15 family, and a few special guests to greet visitors, including a U.S. Senator, who I knew was coming but let the others be surprised.

The weather was super-fantastic, with pleasantly warm temperatures and sunny skies. I was thankful for the good weather, in particular, because we were able to use our decks for additional space for crowds to spill out when the house got too crowded.

My twin brother…
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