Up and Out

We had another spectacular “no senior is lonely” Feastival yesterday, with 105 guests, 15 family, and a few special guests to greet visitors, including a U.S. Senator, who I knew was coming but let the others be surprised.

The weather was super-fantastic, with pleasantly warm temperatures and sunny skies. I was thankful for the good weather, in particular, because we were able to use our decks for additional space for crowds to spill out when the house got too crowded.

My twin brother…

…bless him, is trying to adjust to civilian life, but being around our Thanksgiving crowds was a bit much. He and his wife spent quite a bit of time on our back yard patio, listen to water trickle in the pond, and watch our frogs come out of torpor for a day. Throughout the day, some of our family dropped by to see him, so I did not feel terrible by spending time with our senior guests and family helpers all day.

My spouse rotated between our basement leisure room ensuring that whatever football game was on, and the back yard to share time with my brother. My spouse also doesn’t like noise and crowds.

By 9pm, all guests were gone and most of the mess was cleaned up. We retired early.

Friday morning, my spouse and I prepared a great breakfast, and treated my brother and his wife to a bountiful feast. Then, as planned, a sister came over to take our brother and his wife out and host them for the weekend. My spouse and I packed up our SUV and took off for Pittsburgh to spend the remaining part of the weekend with my mother-in-law. That is what I meant by the title of this post — Friday was an “up and out” day for all.

We return home on Sunday, and I will pick up my brother and his wife to stay with us for December. I have to go back to work on Monday, but my spouse will be delighted to look after my brother and make sure that he and his wife have everything they need.

The weekend continues… up, over, and out!

Life is short: keep your connections well tended.