Utah: Riding in Arches National Park

My video production from my “helmetcam” (a GoPro Hero 5) continues. After visiting Canyonlands National Park on the morning of 27 July, we rode a short distance (distances in the huge state of Utah are relative), and rode into Arches National Park near Moab. I will describe what we did in the park, and video from our ride is down below. Read on!

This park is claimed to be…
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Lessons From Monsoon Survival

One week ago today, “S” and I began our longest ride of our crazy-awesome Utah motorcycle adventure. With nothing open in the tiny town where we had stopped for the night at a small hotel, we rode 20 miles south, found a small-town restaurant, and had a great breakfast.

While we could see storms in the far distance, we began our ride again by entering the “Bears Ears National Monument.” This area was…
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What I Learned From My Ride

Loyal readers know that I completed my five-day bucket-list motorcycle ride in Utah. We rode 1,244 total miles (sounds more when you say 2,002km). Some people have asked me, “did you ride your own bike?” Others asked, “why did you do it?” and finally others asked, “is this the first of many more adventures to come?”

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