Boots Worn Recently

I posted recently that I was not writing blogs about what boots I wore each day during the week because it took a lot of time do construct those detailed posts. However, in response to some comments and emails I received, my commentary of “boots of some period of time” has returned, albeit more abbreviated. Here goes…

Friday 5 December
Chippitstop08Casual day at the office, and rainy/cold weather, too. I wore Wrangler jeans, blue chambray western shirt, and Chippewa Arroyos cowboy/work boots. Comfortable boots with a good sole suitable for slick surfaces.

When I arrived home from work, my spouse’s disability was flaring, so he asked me to go to the grocery store alone because he couldn’t walk. I did not change my clothes or boots, since I was dressed casually anyway.

Bouletcutter02After the run to the store, I prepared a quick dinner for my spouse, then drove to a sister’s house for the regular Friday night family dinner. Before I left, I did change boots as my feet were getting a bit uncomfortable. I pulled on my new pair of Boulet Cutter-toe cowboy boots.

Nice dinner with the family. Home by 2030, and off to bed.

Saturday 6 December

Timberland11Up at 0400. Lots of work to do today. I served as the General Contractor for a home remodel for a wounded warrior. More on this blog post, here. I wore jeans, a work-shirt, and my comfy old beat-up Timberland work boots.

I volunteered all day. Home by 1930, exhausted. Made sure the spouse was fed, then off to bed by 2020, dead beat but happy to be on-schedule about half-way done.

Sunday 7 December

Doublehgelice08Up a little later at 0500. At the job site by 0630, this time wearing jeans, another work-shirt, and my trusty but durable Double H cowboy work boots.

We finished the home remodeling by 1700, took some pictures, smiled, and I got home by 1800. Fed the spouse (and me) a nice beef stew. Then showered and snuggled with my spouse. I fell asleep in his arms.

Monday 8 December

Lucblackgoat03Great day to rise and shine to go to work! With media interviews scheduled during a press conference, I had to dress up. I wore dressy black Lucchese Goatskin cowboy boots with a jacket, tie, dress shirt, and slacks.

When I got home later, I changed to sweats and socks… prepared dinner, baked some cookies for the office Christmas party the next day, snuggled with the Spouse, then went to bed at the usual 2030.

Tuesday 9 December

TLPecan09Office Christmas party day (over lunch in a conference room). Red shirt, no tie, khakis, and my Tony Lama Pecan cowboy boots. (I don’t participate in silly “funny Christmas tie” or “ugly Christmas sweater” games.)

Home at 1520, changed quickly to leather jeans and Chippewa Firefighter boots (it was slick/rainy), and drove my spouse to a dentist’s appointment.

Back home by 1730, prepared dinner, then changed to sweats and socks… snuggled… then off to bed by 2030.

Wednesday 10 December

Blackjackpython09Cold but dry day. Blue slacks, shirt, no tie, worn with blue/cream Black Jack python cowboy boots.

Home by 1545, changed to jeans, Chippewa engineer boots, and went outside to put water in the pond. Changed to sweats and socks when I returned inside.

Prepared dinner for the spouse, snuggled, and off to bed by the usual 2030.

Thursday 11 December

Lucbrownwing04Another great day because I get to go to work! Tan slacks, maroon shirt, Lucchese wingtip cowboy boots. Worked all day, home by 15:45.

Changed to leather jeans, flannel shirt, and All American Station boots. Took the spouse and a sr. pal grocery shopping at a store that offers a discount to seniors on Thursdays.

Returned home by 1745, prepared dinner, then drove (my truck) to a meeting of my motorcycle club. The meeting was a disappointing disaster, filled with drama.

Home by 2055, then off to bed.

Friday 12 December

Chipost01To work to work! Yippie! Casual dress day, so I wore Wranglers, denim shirt, and my brown Chippewa ostrich harness boots. Love those boots for casual comfort.

Off work early… burning “use or lose” leave. Got my hair chopped, then home by 1400. Didn’t change clothes. Picked up the spouse and took him to a grocery store, then home by 1630. Fed him, then drove to a nephew’s house for the usual Friday night family dinner.

Home by 2000, to bed by 2115. (Yep, stayed up real late!)

Saturday 13 December

Chiphiker02Up at 0400, did some quiet work, then briefly snuggled with the spouse at 0615. At 0630, I pulled on jeans, flannel shirt, and my Chippewa Hikers. Met my senior walking pal who has recovered from her injuries, and we took a four-mile brisk walk.

Lucphython01Home by 0815, showered, and changed to jeans, Lucchese Jungle Python cowboy boots, and a flannel shirt. Prepared breakfast for the spouse, then drove to a niece’s home to visit with her, her husband, and their twin sons. Had a great time being a twin twin’s “great uncle.”

Returned home by 1300. Prepared lunch for both of us, then got out all of the Christmas stuff. My spouse and I put up the tree (it’s artificial), decorated it, and enjoyed a nice afternoon.

Prepared dinner, then changed to sweats and snuggled with the spouse until bedtime at 2045.

Sunday 14 December

Up at 0430 (slept late), did some quiet work, and got a phone call from my senior walking pal who said that she needed to recover some more from yesterday’s walk and didn’t want to go again today. That’s fine… I understand.

I hopped into bed with the spouse for a nice long, warm, morning of intimacy. I am so glad he is feeling better.

Chipshinelug208Got up, pulled on a pair of leather jeans, Chippewa hi-shine boots, and a flannel shirt. Went out to get the paper; waved at the neighbors as they drove by.

Prepared brunch, then relaxed and read the newspaper from cover-to-cover. I rarely have a chance to do that!

Took the spouse on some errands, then picked up 3 senior pals and all five of us went grocery shopping. (Yes, I’m still wearing leather jeans and Chippewa hi-shine engineer boots. No one said a thing … anywhere.)

Home by 1230. Fed the spouse, then we prepared Christmas cards.

Soon enough, it was time for dinner. Prepared a nice dinner, then changed to sweats and pulled on my Chippewa Hikers. Walked 3 miles on the treadmill while watching some TV with the spouse until the usual 2030 bedtime.

Monday 15 December

Lucmidbrownfr09I get to be “acting boss” today while my real boss is on travel. Blue slacks, blue shirt, blue tie, and dark brown Lucchese Classics french-toe dress cowboy boots. Attended several meetings.

Chipstrapless05Home by 1600. Changed to leather jeans, red shirt, sweater, and strapless Chippewa hi-shine boots. The spouse also dressed in similar attire, including leather jeans. We posed ourselves for photos that I included in a holiday letter.

Prepared dinner, then changed boots to smooth-soled Chippewa firefighters and changed the shirt to my local Fire Department logowear. Went to a brief meeting at the fire house. Anyone say anything about the leather jeans? Nope.

Home by 2000. Snuggled with the spouse for a little bit, then off to bed by 2030.

Tuesday 16 December

TonyLamaCaiman01To work by the usual 0530, wearing a purple shirt, beige khakis, and my Tony Lama Cognac Caiman cowboy boots.

Home by 1545. Rainy. No errands to run. Changed to socks and sweats… no more boots today. Dinner for my spouse and me, then we reviewed our joint finances and did some financial planning for 2015. I was almost tempted to put on a suit, as serious as my spouse was, but I didn’t (giggle.)

Life is short: wear boots!