Boots of the Last Week

I know I missed posting the boots of my week from July 27 – August 2. Sorry, I was BWB. (Busy while booted.) Here are the boots that I wore each day during the week of August 3 to 9:

Sunday 3 August

Started the day with a brisk but short walk at dawn with my senior walking partner. I wore the usual Chippewa Hiking boots for this 5-miler.

Wescoharnessblog2Returned home, showered, and changed to jeans, t-shirt, and pulled on my short Wesco harness boots. I like the style. While preparing breakfast, my feet began to ache. Those boots just weren’t going to work for me. I used a boot jack and yanked them off. Put them on the shelf of “someday sell these” and thought, “what the heck, I’m in a Wesco harness boot state-of-mind, let’s pull on my old tall brown Wesco harness boots.”

I wore those boots for only a half hour before my legs were so hot and uncomfortable that again, I had to pull those boots off, which wasn’t easy. Damn… I shouldn’t have tried to wear those boots in summer. Try again in winter when it is colder and my legs aren’t so sticky from sweat.

Chipnonsteel208I finally settled on a comfortable pair of tall, lightweight, Chippewa engineer boots. Accompanied my spouse to the grocery store with some senior pals.

Returned home and had lunch. The spouse was very tired, so he lay down for a nap. I pulled on some cowboy gear and took a few more photos for my website of the new Tony Lama caiman cowboy boots whose cognac color goes well with blue denim. After that, I changed to shorts and just padded around in socks to keep quiet while the spouse was resting. I did some housecleaning and financial management (i.e., paid some bills and reconciled accounts.)

Prepared dinner, then settled in the basement leisure room with the spouse and watched whatever drivel he recorded on his Tivo. (I zoned out and fell asleep in his arms.) To bed by the usual 2030.

Monday 4 August

Bouletblack07Work beckons on a nice day for riding the Harley to work. I wore dark blue slacks, blue shirt, no tie, and shined-up Boulet harness boots. Mounted the Harley, rode to work, worked all day, and returned home by the usual 1545.

Changed to t-shirt, jeans, and my trusty, comfy, Chippewa Arroyos cowboy work boots. Did some work in the yard, then sat with the spouse in the back yard by the pond. Just held his hand and relaxed.

Prepared dinner, then did some community work via my laptop while the spouse watched some TV. To bed by the usual 2030.

Tuesday 5 August

Twcowboy10Another great day to ride the Harley to work! I wore tan khakis, burgundy shirt, no tie, and my Tidewater cowboy boots. Man, they’re comfortable boots now that they are well-broken in.

Worked all day, home by 1600. Hmmmm… found a box containing a new pair of dress instep Dehner boots in the hallway. More about that later.

Chipfire201Changed to jeans, local FD t-shirt, and Chippewa Firefighter boots. Sat with the spouse for a while in the back yard by the pond.

Prepared dinner, then rode the Harley to a short meeting at my local fire department. It’s only seven weeks until our big 23rd-annual “senior safety Saturday” in early October!

Home by 0815. Visited with the spouse for a little while then off to bed by the usual 2030.

Wednesday 6 August

Lucblackgoat03Storms in the forecast, so the truck transported me to work today. Wore black slacks, grey pinstriped dress shirt, and my black leather tie. Yep, a tie. Major meeting today. Going with the dress clothes, I wore a pair of black Lucchese Classic goatskin cowboy boots.

Drove to work, worked and had meetings with the big cheeses (the boss, boss’ boss, and boss’ boss’ boss and others in management.) No one said a thing about the boots or the leather tie. They just listened to me when I spoke and appreciated my input on decision-making.

Lucphython01Home early by 1520. Changed to jeans, non-animal golf shirt, and a pair of brown Lucchese python cowboy boots.

Drove the spouse to a dentist appointment. Read a book for an hour in the lobby while cringing at the sound of (you-know-what). When my bright, white-smiled spouse reappeared, I drove us home and prepared dinner.

Doublehgelice08After dinner, I changed boots again, this time selecting brown Double-H cowboy work boots. I drove over to a senior pal’s house to do a quick repair of a faulty electrical problem. She would turn on her kitchen lights and they would flicker then trip a circuit breaker. I found the fault, fixed it, and returned home with a batch of snickerdoodles as payment. Yum! My favorites!

Found the spouse sound asleep in the family room. I guided him to bed and we were “out” by the usual 2030.

interruptus somnambulus!

Chipfire202At 2245, a cousin called and woke me from sound sleep. He was sent to the hospital emergency room earlier in the day, and was being released. His family — parents, siblings, and aunts/uncles — all were out of town. I was his only family who was not away on vacation. I wasn’t about to say, “take a cab.” After all, he is family.

I got up, dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and Chippewa Firefighter boots (closest to the bed), drove to the hospital, found my cousin, got him discharged, and took him home. I returned to my home by 12:30 (am, Thursday).

… man, I’m beat.

Thursday 7 August

Bouletwine05Had the alarm wake me late, at 0500. Got up, dressed quickly in white shirt with blue pinstripes, blue khakis, and brown Boulet harness boots. Got on the Harley and rode to work by rote.

Worked all day… actually woke up some more after the grogginess wore off. Got home by the usual 1545.

HHharness02Found the spouse as usual in the gazebo by the pond in the back yard. He so loves his quiet, peaceful sanctuary. I changed clothes to jeans, t-shirt, and an old pair of Double H harness cowboy boots. Sat with the spouse for a while, then did a few chores in the yard.

Prepared dinner, and after that, I had a long phone conversation with colleagues waaaaay out in the Pacific Ocean. Due to the time difference, the only time I can reach them by phone is evening my time when it is early morning their time.

The spouse had retreated to the basement leisure room. After my call, I asked him to turn off the TV and read to each other. We did. I love that — so much better than watching TV drivel!

To bed by the usual 2030.

Friday 8 August

Chipfire205A stunningly beautiful day awaits! Nice cool morning for a great ride on the Harley to work. I wore clean denim jeans, blue shirt, no tie, and Chippewa firefighter boots. Another clean-up day at the office!

Busy throughout the day, but home by the usual 1545. Changed my dress shirt to a t-shirt, then accompanied the spouse to a grocery store wearing the same jeans and comfy boots.

Returned home by 1700, fed the spouse, then re-mounted the Harley to ride to my sister’s house for the usual Friday night family dinner. Kinda light showing with only 29 family members there. Many are away on vacation.

Home late — 2100. Found the spouse asleep on the sofa in the family room. Guided him to bed and went to sleep promptly. I was really tired.

Saturday 9 August

Chiphiker02Started off as usual with a nice long, brisk walk with my senior walking partner. Wore jeans, t-shirt, and the usual Chippewa Hiking boots. Walked only 8 miles.

Home by 0620. Showered, then jumped in bed with the spouse for viewing dawn-breaking on the trees in the forest behind our house out the master bedroom’s floor-to-ceiling windows. Hmmm… spouse really is feeling better… (no comment about how I know that!)

Prepared breakfast for the spouse and myself. Eggs this time for both of us. My spouse is getting awfully tired of rabbit food as the main course, though he had a small side of quinoa (not me; I can’t eat the stuff.)

DressdehnewI mentioned on Tuesday that a new pair of dress instep Dehner Boots had arrived. These were a parting gift from the former owner of Stompers Boots. Nice boots. I cleaned, shined, and manually broke them in by bending the boots with a straight crease at the ankles.

I pulled them on over a pair of breeches, then met my friend JB, a local motorcop, and went for a ride. JB admired the boots and complimented them. When I told my spouse that a cop complimented me wearing cop boots, my spouse laughed hysterically.

I was impressed that my spouse had actually mowed the front lawn while I was gone! This is the first time he has had enough energy even to think about mowing the lawn. I was dancing my happy dance (even in Dehners!)

Timberland03I changed clothes to jeans, t-shirt, and my Timberland work boots. I finished mowing the rest of the lawn — the side hill that my spouse cannot mow. My spouse bought me a self-propelled battery-powered lawn mower years ago and it works great on that hill. I was done with lawn mowing in 15 minutes.

Then my spouse and I tackled an area of the small back yard that had become overgrown with crab grass. We had killed the crab grass earlier in the week. Today, we raked up the dead stuff, tilled it, then spread good compost over it. My spouse had ordered clover seed, so we planted that. We covered the newly-seeded area with burlap (to keep the birds from eating the seed), then watered it. Hopefully the clover will take, and our rabbits will enjoy it.

Chipblackpitstop02We were done with that chore rather quickly. After that, I changed to black jeans, Chippewa T-shirt, and a new pair of square-toed Chippewa boots that I got for half-price on a “back to school” sale. This style of boots is what all the college-aged guys are wearing these days. I thought I would try them out. They are actually really nice boots. Very comfortable right out-of-the-box.

I can understand why college students would wear these boots. They are much more masculine-looking than sneakers or worse, dorky flip-flops, and they are easy to walk in due to the thick Vibram sole.

I took photos of these boots for my website, then hung out with the spouse for the remainder of the day.

Prepared dinner, then after dinner, changed to shorts and padded around in socks for the rest of the night until the usual 2030 bedtime.

Life is short: wear boots!