Post 2520, Holiday Break

I usually note milestones for this blog by celebrating each new 100 posts that I have made. I am a bit tardy in my recognition of the 2,500 milestone, reached with this post about the best jeans for boots on 4 November. Soon after that, this blog took a turn when I violated my own rule about not posting about politics. I still remain fearful of what will happen to my country in which I once had faith, but there is nothing I can do about it except join the good fight against what’s to come. But that is for other blogs written by friends in the political world that I will re-engage to prevent disaster (as best we can.)

Interestingly, when I went looking for my 2,400th blog post, that post was written …

on May 2. Between then and November 4 (the real date of Post 2,500), I experienced my first (and better be only) significant injury-causing motorcycle crash. My head and hide were saved by wearing a DOT-approved helmet and protective motorcycle gear, including a ballistic nylon jacket, leather chaps, and (of course), well-constructed motorcycle boots.

I broke 3 ribs in that crash and was bruised on my left leg. The rib fractures were exceptionally painful. But with the tender loving care from my spouse, I soon recovered and lost only 3 days at work.

My Harley was barely scratched and its repairs were minor, involving only the replacement of its windscreen. I also replaced my helmet, which is necessary because when a helmet does its job and absorbs the energy of a crash, it must be replaced.

I finally got back on my Harley in late July when I rode it to the place where I have it serviced for a thorough inspection for hidden damage. All was well. I got back in the saddle for real on August 1.

For the remainder of the summer riding season, I was exceptionally cautious about riding again. I insist on wearing “all the gear, all the time” (ATGATT), but when it is warmer than 95F (35C), I cannot tolerate the heat. It exhausts me. So I rode little during August through early September the geographic region where I live endured an excessive heat wave.

Other posts on this blog this summer were about boots, wearing them, some reviews, riding with my kid-bro cousin, and some tutorial explanations. That is the primary focus of this blog to which I vow to return (and no more about politics.) Other posts about the love of my life — my husband — were sprinkled in as well. I want readers to know that a man can be in love with another man, have a healthy and normal relationship, marry him in an official civil marriage ceremony sanctioned by the state, and practice our wedding vows always, “to love and to honor, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”

We are men of integrity and honor, and live our lives well. There is nothing abnormal, strange, or wrong about marrying someone with whom you are in love, and build a life together. If hypocritical religious fundamentalists can’t let it go, that’s their problem, not mine.

Now that I have come to the end of this post, I have also come to the realization that it is time for a break until January. I am, once again, out of ideas of new content about which to write unrelated to politics and more related to this blog’s theme — boots and leather. I am winding down my work year, and will be done for the year on Thursday, December 22.

Friday the 23rd will find me doing what I do — in the morning of my first day off for the holidays, I will join fellow volunteers from my local fire station where I am a Life Member. We will distribute gifts to children in our community who who have lost their homes this year due to fire. I will also take my spouse for yet another doctor’s appointment on Friday afternoon. Not often a patient gets escorted to the doc by a guy in a firefighter’s station uniform. (My spouse loves a man in uniform [giggle]). I will end the evening with my family — we have our usual “Friday night family dinner” and this time it will be for our family Christmas celebration. A small crowd of 80 is expected 🙂

Saturday, Christmas Eve, will find the spouse and me on the road, heading up to Pittsburgh to spend Christmas with the mother-in-law. She is too frail now to pick her up and drive her back to our house to stay, as we have done for the past dozen years. We will do our best to make her happy (which ain’t easy.)

We plan to return home before January 1. I will likely visit my best friend for New Year’s Eve, though I do not feel like celebrating.

Then with great gusto and joy, I get to return to work on January 3!

Whatever you do this time of year, enjoy. Live. Love. Smile.

Life is short: be grateful for loyal blog readers. I truly am grateful for your visits to my musings.