Affection + Appreciation = Love

During the past week, my spouse and I have found ways to show the other how he loves him.

Truly, I am honored and blessed to have a man who loves me as deeply as he does, and I try to return the same deep and abiding love through actions — not gifts, flowers, or nights out on the town — but in little, meaningful ways.

Last week, I…

Whole01…received a letter advising that the hutch I built for our kitchen last summer was selected for second prize in the 2014 (U.S.) national woodwooker’s competition in the “kitchen furnishings” category.

My spouse took photos of the hutch and entered me into the competition without my knowing it. I was thrilled to receive the recognition. While it doesn’t come with any monetary award, the “big win” was that I was first for amateurs. The first place winner in that category builds furniture for a living. Me? I was self-taught and was looking for ways to do something productive last summer when I could not leave my spouse alone during the worst of his illness.

Meanwhile, the next day, I received a package in the mail. I knew the contents of that package would make my spouse very excited and exceptionally happy. I arranged to get this surprise through one of my senior pals whose son is an executive at the company that makes these things.

What are “these things,” you ask? They are greeting cards featuring a lesser-known comic character that my spouse has always adored. Over time, I have found and given my spouse some stuffed versions of that character and have given him greeting cards featuring the character, too. But the greeting cards have been out of production for several years.Ziggycardsblog

Through a son of a friend, I received a “collector’s set” of 25 of these greeting cards.

I debated just when to give my spouse those cards, but through encouragement by many family and friends who all reminded me of what I say in closing every time on this blog that “life is short,” I set up a display and let my spouse “find” them on a day I declared “No Special Reason Other Than I Love You” Day.

Yes, he was very happy, thrilled, and (almost) danced for joy. It made me happy to see him so happy.

Then on Sunday morning, my spouse handed me a card. I was puzzled — I did not want him to destroy any of the cards in that collector’s set by writing on it, and I know that since he cannot drive, he could not go get a card when I am not at home.

Instead, he had a blank card and wrote these words to me:

Thanks for such positive and persistent faith that I’d beat this [disease] into remission again. I had no confidence that I ever would, but in my darkest hours, your bright attitude, caregiving, and tenacious medical advocacy kept me from going down a hole of despair. I’m feeling like it is Spring again.

Ya know, there hasn’t been a dry eye in the house for the past several days.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them!

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