Home Is Where the Love Is

I had a long week while on business travel in Southern California this week. In fact, the work was packed more intensely for me due to my travel being shortened by the idiot’s shutdown.

I was working 12-hour-plus days. I enjoy what I do and the people I work with, but it’s exhausting. I would get to my room after dinner with colleagues, and…

…undress and get to bed, each night by 2000 (8pm). I would sleep until about 0300, then rise, exercise by taking a swim in the hotel pool — at that hour, there are no observers to watch you. As bad a swimmer (or dog paddler) I am, I don’t like to be watched.

But an hour of exercise each morning helped circulate the ol’ blood and make me feel more energized to take on the day. After a shower, I would dress and begin work in my room, then work at meetings in the hotel.

The people I work with at these meetings rallied to support me, knowing how deflated I was about the recent disaster imposed by the Idiot-In-Chief. They know, really know, how to show their love. I appreciate that.

But I have to admit, what I loved the most was the love I got when I arrived home.

My beloved Spouse greeted me at the door, took my bag, and gave me a warm welcoming hug. Then he turned to point out that he had made dinner. Wow! What a delight — I didn’t have to jump into cooking dinner right away after a long day of travel.

We relaxed a while after dinner, and I was so tired, I fell asleep in his arms. Instead of jabbing me and saying, “it’s took early to go to bed!” (as he usually does), he let me sleep softly, feeling all warm and loved.

I do not remember when he guided me to bed, but I awoke in the middle of the night and discovered that I was in bed and somehow had changed (or been changed) into shorts and t-shirt that I wear when I sleep.

I slept long and awoke quite late (for me)… about 4am Pacific Time, which was 7am at home.

I heard a noise — the Spouse was just completing the second load of laundry. He washed everything that I wore this past week.

On top of that, when he realized that I was awake, he opened the door, greeted me warmly, and brought me a tray of a nice breakfast.

I am truly blessed to have a man I can love and who loves me all the more. Nice to be home.

I will be busy later doing things for him. I have meals to prepare, treats to bake, and other catch-up chores to do. Anything to avoid that stupor bowl hype. With jet lag, I’ll probably be in bed by 7pm tonight anyway.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them.

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