Decisions, Changes

My Booted Harleydude website has been around since 2005. The screen name was selected because:

a) I own and wear a lot of boots. This website was created primarily to catalog my extensive collection of cowboy, dress, motorcycle, and work boots.

b) I was (note past tense) a biker and owned and rode a Harley. I am also an old-school gay Leatherman, so I cataloged my motorcycle gear and fetish leather gear. Over time, I built quite the collection.

Well, come March 2024, I have made a hard decision to sell my Harley, hang up my helmet, and stop riding motorcycles. Long ago, I decided not to attend any Gay Leather events. I don’t have the interest, stamina, or desire to attend those types of events.


I am getting older and have yet my third hernia. Two doctors both told me that the more I struggle with a heavy motorcycle (it’s darn hard to get on and off, as well as park it), the more likely I will get more hernias since my abdominal walls are getting thinner with age.

I knew that my last adventurous ride in Arizona would be my last. Now it’s time … I knew, it’s time.

Tough as the decision has been to make, I am okay with it.

And no, I am not going to get a Trike. It isn’t two vs. three wheels, it is maneuvering heavy bikes. A trike is at least twice as heavy as my small Softail Slim. Plus, I tried riding one and hated it. Big, bulky, rides weirdly, and too darn expensive.

More decisions —

Now in 2024, I have come to terms with the loss of my husband who died three years ago due to complications of pancreatic cancer. I have settled into a comfortable routine at home in Maryland, and have a great support network here. I enjoy volunteering and have gotten pretty good at photography. My volunteer jobs and hobby keep me rather busy, but not too much.

As I have emerged into a new me, my fetish interests have also changed.

  • Boots: I am still into boots; always have been and always will be. However, these days with physical changes to my body due to age, I no longer wear tall boots such as Dehners or Wescos.

    I’ll still kick around in some classic and comfortable station and harness motorcycle boots. But when I decide to wear boots, I usually choose cowboy boots. They’re my “first love” and are more comfortable that other boots I own.

  • Leather: I also still enjoy wearing leather when it is cool. Leather jeans, jackets, shirts, ties, and vests remain a regular part of my wardrobe. Leather fetish gear is not. I do not attend gay leather events, but will wear it at home from time to time. I still like the look, feel, and comfort of leather garments.
  • Suits: I developed a suit fetish in 2021 and enjoy wearing suits more often around home and events I attend that require such attire. Once I learned how to get a suit properly tailored, they fit great and are quite comfortable. I have several suits in my wardrobe that I wear several days each week just because I like them.

    Picking up my suit fetish a notch, I bought my first bespoke suit (custom-made) in 2023. Next suits will also be bespoke; they fit great and make me feel like a million bucks.

  • Dress shoes: I quit hiding that I have developed a rather large dress shoe collection and wear them with my suits and other times when I’m not in boots. I like their style, comfort, and appearance. The shoe fetish developed late — in 2017 — but has taken off immensely.

I have re-branded my website as “Rick’s website (aka “BHD”) — A Gay Guy Into Boots, Leather, Shoes, and Suits.” That better suits me now.

I am keeping my screen name “Booted Harleydude” because it has been around for about 20 years. But if you communicate with me, I’ll reply as Rick.

Check out the re-branded website for some other changes as well.

Life is short: become the new you!

One thought on “Decisions, Changes

  1. From one Rick to another, as a younger boot fellow, it’s interesting to hear about the old guard and what your stance on it all has been. I have happily been collecting and wearing boots for over a decade, and it’s been an amazing time. I know there will come a time when I must too downsize and prioritize…but for the time being, it’s about having fun with it.

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