Blog Update

Since I changed my “Booted Harleydude” website on March 1, 2024, to “Rick’s website (aka “BHD”) A Gay Guy Into Boots, Leather, Shoes, and Suits” along with its header image and home page images too, I thought it was appropriate to change the image header and statement of this blog to:

BHD’s Musings: the life and times of Rick aka “BHD”
An average former biker, gay leatherman, bootman, shoe & suitman, ‘burbs living guy”

… so the transition will be complete.

As I said on this blog when I made the decision to …

… “rebrand” my website and this blog as the “new me” since my re-emergence into a new life after I retired, lost my husband, and sold my Harley. My fetish interests have changed somewhat as well.

I remain the same guy, just older and adjusted to a comfortable life alone.

I enjoy being retired. I do not enjoy being reluctantly single since I lost my husband, but am getting used to it.

I do not like that I am not a biker any more since I sold my Harley. But life is change.

My fetish interests have expanded beyond leather (which I still wear occasionally) and boots (my first passion remains cowboy boots) to enjoying wearing business suits ’cause they’re comfortable along with dress shoes.

Note — banner image above shows me wearing suits with cowboy boots (left) and suits with dress shoes (middle), then I still enjoy wearing cowboy clothing & boots, and from time to time, leather and motorcycle boots too.

Regular updates to my website are made often — see the “what’s new” page for details.

This update is honest. It’s me.

I have grown, not abandoned, my former self, but have grown to enjoy living a “fully-out” freedom that is truly me.

Like it or not, Rick, BHD, Booted (former) Harleydude, Suited Man, Marlboroman, whatever… I’m older, mature, and have nothing to hide.

Life is short: embrace your own freedom and be the man you are.