Broken Ankle

Sunday afternoon, I was escorting an elderly friend into her home. Sidewalks were slick with rain. She began to fall. I caught her but fell myself. I broke my right ankle lower fibula, according to x-rays at the urgent care facility.

I visited orthopedic specialist on Monday and was told that I have to wait about a week for the swelling to go down before I can get a cast. No cast, no walking! I’m stuck at home for a while.

Fortunately, my elderly friend was not hurt. My partner is taking good care of this old broken-down one-booted klutz. TG that I can telecommute.

More later.

Life is short: even for us klutzes!

7 thoughts on “Broken Ankle

  1. Oh gee, BHD! I'm very sorry to hear about your little accident especially since it affected one of your trademark (usually) booted feet. I hope your ankle heals quickly. You have my best wishes down here in West Virginia!

  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I once rolled my ankle playing racquetball and couldn't wear my boots for 2 weeks. Needless to say, I gave of racquetball!


  3. good luck with the recovery. Always enjoy reading your blog and your posts on BOL

  4. In all the years we were growing up, you always managed to endure the broken bones, while I played rough sports and only got bruises.

    I hear from the family grapevine that they're rallying 'round, so I know between your partner and our siblings, nieces, nephews, and the cast of characters for whom you care, you will be in good hands until you heal. Warm hugs, big brother, and remember what Mom said: Drink Your Milk!

    Your twin brother, J

  5. Ohhh, I am sorry to know your ankle was broken. I hope you will get well soon. Rest more. Adrian from Hong Kong

  6. Sorry to hear about your leg, From what Ive read it sounds like your partner takes very good care of you.Seems like you have someone very special there,your a lucky man. Love your vids, and love the leather. From a big bearish leather loving dude.

  7. Hey BHD, I have just been updating myself with your blog…sorry to hear about your leg, I hope it is not too painful.
    This is your time to rest, make the most of it and allow others the joy of looking after you…..the universe works in mysterious ways!
    Get well soon.

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