Post 1900 and Year In Review

Welcome to the 1,900th post on this blog. Man, lots of posts since January, 2008, when I began blogging. I was reviewing my posts for the last year, and have compiled memories of highlights of the last year at the ol’ BHD/BB ranch.

Bootsoffice2January: After 40 years of service to the United States, my spouse retired and I returned to work full-time the same week. I had been on leave without pay for months, at my request, to have time to take care of my spouse for the duration of his severe illness throughout 2012, requiring me to care for him.

BHDblogFebruary: made a presentation at a medical conference with my spouse’s primary physician. My topic was on how to advocate for someone who has a long-term infection when the healthcare industry says that the condition does not exist.

March: Wore a different pair of boots to work each day since I returned to work in January. Had a few motorcycle rides during days of what I call the “Spring tease.”

Handsrings01April: Married the man of my life on April 4. The rest of the month is a blissful blur.

May: watched a pair of new ‘bespoke’ boots being made for me. Man, I love the comfort of those Tidewater Cowboy boots.

June: Celebrated along with many other same-sex married couples that the most discriminatory part of The Defense of Marriage Act, a Federal Law passed in 1996, was deemed unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. That set up the ability for my spouse to extend his Federal Benefits to me as his legal spouse, among other good things. Also went on some motorcycle rides with my club and rode my Harley to work almost every day.

Waterfall06July: Spent almost every free moment during July building a waterfall, pond, and patio in our back yard so my spouse can return to enjoying “our” forest. More photos here.

August: Attended the annual police motorcycle competition held in my region. Went on a business trip for a week to the U.S. West Coast. Went on some rides with my club. Finished the waterfall/pond/patio in the back yard. Otherwise, worked, worked, worked. No holiday, no vacation.

RidesmallSeptember: Saw and asked a question of someone famous at an event in Downtown Washington, DC. Celebrated that my spouse said ‘it was over’.” Unfortunately, the “over” part didn’t last… see December. Also went on some of the most beautiful motorcycle rides with buddies this month.

October: Made a joint presentation with a guy who bullied me in high school back at our ol’ Alma Mater to prove that life does get better, and former bully and bullied can become good friends as adults. Throughout the month and the year, I continued to target the icon of mummified habit and unthinking conformity.

Fall2013aNovember: I was promoted at work, which was a big deal given the significant budget restrictions going on. I enjoy it, but man, it’s BUSY! I also celebrated my spouse’s birthday. We also enjoyed our annual Feastival for about 100 of my senior pals.

December: Unfortunately, our worst thoughts were confirmed when my spouse’s doctor confirmed a significant relapse of my spouse’s infection. I spent all of my time outside of work caring for my spouse. Not a good way to end the year, but as I always say:

Life is short: show those you love how you love them.