Hunting Hunk

I thought the title of this post may attract the curious. What hunk am I hunting?

THIS ONE!SpiceMy hunky husband, spicy spouse, loving man.

After four weeks of intense caregiving, he finally has an agreement from a caregiving company to provide people to look after his mother in her own home, so now he can come home with me. Yippie!

His Mom is still in a “challenged” medical situation, but she is stable. All current medical tests and exams show nothing major is wrong with her. Once we got her back on track with proper nutrition and hydration, as well as get her pain from a nerve pinch due to a t12 fracture in her spine under control, my spouse now could call in the relief.

And man, does he need a break. His mother can be very difficult to take care of. My spouse has many fine qualities, but caregiving is not easy for him and some days made him climb (proverbial) walls.

As you read this, I am in one of four places–

a) on my way to Pittsburgh

b) at my mother-in-law’s home finalizing things before help arrives

c) on my way home from Pittsburgh *with* the spouse!

d) welcoming my best friend, soulmate, lover, and hunk — one guy all rolled into one — back HOME!

Life is short: show those you love how you love them!

1 thought on “Hunting Hunk

  1. You both look so happy. Your husband is very lucky to have his mother, both my parents are dead. I spent five days in Washington D.C. Thanks for keeping me in the Leather loop!!!!
    Sincerely, Frank

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