My Sunny Spouse

This past week has been a very difficult week for the spouse. I got him admitted to a clinical research study about his long-term illness. The study required draining him of at least one gallon, if not two, of his blood. On top of that, he had to endure…

…a very painful sampling by biopsy of his bone marrow and bone tissue. Man, that hurt. Even though he was anesthetized, he still screamed. And I could hear it in the waiting room down the hall.

That was Tuesday. He was barely able to move on Wednesday, but he pushed himself through it. By Friday, he was walking for what was his “normal.”

To surprise him, I suggested that instead of working around the house on Saturday, that we visit a very spiritual place — a four-acre field of sunflowers in full bloom.

We went, and my spouse loved it. He smiled and felt genuinely happy. That made me feel terrific too. In fact, he felt so good that he let me take him to lunch. In a restaurant. Amazing… he never does that; we never go anywhere.

Then bonus on top of bonus, we went to a place that sells soft ice cream and shared a cone. Awww… what a great day.

As I always say, “life is short: show those you love how you love them.”FBCoversunflowerblogSunflower06blogSunflower02blog