Boots for the Holiday

fireworks2Saturday July 4 is the date we celebrate Independence Day in the United States. Contrary to popular but incorrect lingo, it is not “Happy fourth!”, but “Happy Independence Day!”

Now that I’ve got that settled… what boots are planned for wear on a long holiday weekend?

My holiday weekend begins today, Thursday, at noon. The boss said, “use some of that time off award you got for being selected as Employee of the Year, and go have some fun!” Well, okay. After all, I did get an extra five days of leave that I have to use by the end of the year.

rp_Lucblackgoat05.jpgSo when I get home, I will shuck off the dress clothes and black Lucchese Classic goatskin dress cowboy boots (didn’t ride the Harley to work due to rain) and pull on comfy at-ease clothes.

Thursday afternoon may not be rainy (so “they-who-know-this-stuff” tell me), so instead of diving into that limitless “honey-do” list of chores around home, I think I will mount my trusty iron horse and go for a ride. I have a motorcop buddy who has the day off. We’ve tentatively planned to ride somewhere — anywhere! Can’t wait. Boot choice for the ride? Probably my go-to-favorites, Chippewa firefighters.

I have Friday off from work for the holiday. I had planned to repair/replace stair treads on the deck, but it may be raining. We’ll see.

rp_Timberland15.jpgIf not raining, then I will pull on my Timberland work boots and get to work on the deck stair treads. If it IS raining, then I probably will pad around in my stocking feet and do more cropping of photos from the recent motorcycle police rodeo.

Early Saturday July 4th morning, like oh-dark-30, I will go for a walk with my senior walking partner whilst wearing Chippewa hikers. (My exercise routine has returned, and with careful diet control, I’ve lost 10 pounds!) I will get home soon after dawn. I will shower, and have a little snuggle time with the spouse. Then I will prepare a nice breakfast for him consisting of my famous four-flour gluten-free homemade waffles.

Chipostrichblack10I will change clothes to dress slacks, shirt & tie, and dressy Chippewa black ostrich harness boots, mount the Harley, and ride to my home state’s capital, Annapolis. There I will wave the flag for a family (two adults, three children) who I coached to prepare for their U.S. citizenship test. They will be sworn in as the newest U.S. citizens of my beloved country. I am so happy for them! I look forward to witnessing their ceremony and celebrating with them.

After the citizenship swearing-in ceremony, I will ride to my brother’s house, change to jeans and a t-shirt (but probably keep on the same boots), and enjoy my first Maryland crab feast of 2015. Always lots of fun to see the family and enjoy those hot Maryland steamed crabs! Yum! (Much, much better that lohbstah!)

I will ride home by late afternoon. Time to reconnect with the spouse. I so wish he could or would go with me to these events, but he won’t. His pain is too severe and he hates how people look at him and treat him due to his visible disability.

DCfireworksI will prepare a nice meal for the spouse — including some crabs that I will bring home from my brother’s — and then we will sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the concert and fireworks in Washington, DC — on television. They’ve ruined the experience in DC with all of the security, plus my spouse can’t go there, either. So we will enjoy an air conditioned, bug- and rain-free viewing right there in our basement leisure room.

Sunday? Boots for Sunday? I dunno yet. I know that I will be taking my lovely senior pals grocery shopping, so I will likely wear comfy old cowboy boots for that. But the rest of the day is in the mind of the spouse. Whatever he says dictates the boot choices, depending on what I will be doing and where we may be going (or not.)

Life is short: enjoy a safe and happy Independence Day! Happy 239th, America!

4 thoughts on “Boots for the Holiday

  1. Crab better than lobster?..!!! You must be riding with your mouth open and destroyed those taste buds. You are now forbidden from New England.

    • Man, it didn’t take long for you to notice, s. Glad you’re still a loyal reader. I believe in turning the other cheek. You are always welcome to come ride with me “down here” and experience what we Marylanders know to be true. You just haven’t had the experience; I feel sorry for ya and will make it up to you if you’re ever in the area. Motorcycle, boots, and breeches required.

  2. Hi, BHD:

    I noticed, for the July 4th blog entry, that the language there specifies boots ” Made in the USA.” I thought I remembered, though, that on your Boots Wiki Brand Information site , Timberland is identified as manufacturing their boots overseas (though they do receive a generally positive evaluation!).

    Perhaps they have relocated operations back to the USA? If so, I’m in the market for a good work boots, based on your reviews.

    Best Regards,


    • Just a little clarification: this post “Boots for the Holiday” described boots that I would be wearing over a 3-day weekend, which regretfully were not all USA-made boots. You’re right, Timberland boots are made in the Dominican Republic. They good boots for yard work and have been quite comfortable to me. My post on July 4 titled “Favorite USA-made Boots” don’t show Timberlands — as you said, they’re not made in the USA.

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