Choices for My Time

Like most people, I have a long list of activities to do when I am on my own time outside of work. For this blog and my website, the list is growing longer.

But I am not being compulsive about it. Instead, I…

…am choosing to spend quality time with my spouse. Even if the time is just watching a movie, TV, or sitting in the backyard gazebo and watching the frogs in our pond play, I find that “just chillin” with the man I love is more important to me than other things that I could be doing, like:

  • Answering email immediately. I’ll get to it, but maybe not today.
  • Cropping and sizing hundreds of photos that I took at the recent police motorcycle riding competition.
  • Editing the code on each and every page of my website to make it more mobile-friendly. I’ll be ding-danged to pay someone to do it. It will get done, eventually.
  • Thinking of topics to write about on this blog, having written so much already and feeling that I am being repetitive.
  • Rebel1

  • Taking photos of six pairs of boots that have arrived over the past several months.
  • Describing what happened to six pairs of boots that I no longer own. (Equal swap of storage space).

And then there is the unending home fix-it “honey-do” list in my spouse’s head. These tasks must be worked in sometime!

I very much need/want a vacation. However, since my spouse cannot travel, even by car, and I do not want to be away in a fun place without him, I find things to do at home.

I am riding my Harley more often, weather permitting. With the wettest June in the DC area since 1972, the riding has been reduced. But I am commuting to work and riding occasionally with my club, as well as with my cousin and some other unaffiliated buddies.

So much for the mundane update from BHD-land.

Life is short: spend time with those you love. The computer/smartphone can wait.

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  1. The wettest June in DC since 1972, huh? That’s interesting, since it was also the month that I was born.

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