2014 In Review

This time of year, there are many opportunities to review the past year. Here are my primary lowlights and highlights of 2014:

January 2014

Rather bad month. My spouse was in very bad shape and my full attention outside of work was in providing care to him, interacting with doctors, hospitals, health insurance representatives, and pharmacists. I was aided greatly by having my twin brother by my side for the entire month. I don’t think that I could have survived without him.

February 2014

Snowboots1More of the same as January, along with lots of snow. A business trip to California brightened the start of the month, but otherwise, I continued to focus on caring for my spouse.

March 2014

More of the same. Intense caregiving for my spouse with a few “tease” days of weather pleasant enough to ride my Harley. No travel, just work.

April 2014

Our first anniversary of our marriage on the 4th was not one to celebrate. The spouse was very ill. In sickness and in health…, I loved and cared for my man.

However, during a brief period when my spouse was feeling okay, we had a long talk about something that we both wanted for our kitchen. So April began my building “that big thing for our kitchen.”

May 2014

Spouse’s health condition continued to get worse rather than better. It even required an overnight hospital stay. Once again, my twin brother, sisters, and other brothers ran to our side to help.

Rideworkblog3I did not ride my Harley very much, except perhaps commuting to work and back. I poured most of my time into caregiving for the man I love (and also continued building “that big thing for our kitchen.”)

June 2014

So tired of lack of progress with medical treatments that were not helping my spouse with his health situation, I took the bull by the horns, did a lot of research, called the health insurance provider, and met with my spouse’s physician to arrange a new treatment protocol for the spouse. The new treatment required a daily I.V.-pushed antibiotic along with two or three oral antibiotics staggered in administration over two-week intervals.

I did not ride my Harley very much, except perhaps to work and back. I continued building that “big thing for our kitchen.” But most of my time found me poured into caregiving. But you know, I really meant it when I committed myself to my spouse, for better or for worse.

July 2014

Whole01Caregiving for the spouse: I.V.-pushed antibiotics, rotated oral antibiotics, and ongoing discussions and negotiations with the health insurance company were top items on July’s calendar.

Not much riding the Harley except to commute to work and back.

However, I was able to complete and install that big thing for our kitchen (a huge custom hutch).

August 2014

Caregiving for the spouse continued, but things began to improve, albeit slowly. The doc tapered off and then stopped all of the medications that the spouse was prescribed. The I.V. line was removed. Yep, he finally was off the drugs. Sometimes the drugs’ side-effects were worse than the toxins produced by the infections.

SpiceMy spouse was able to eat a bit more and regain strength. His eyes appeared brighter, and by the time of my birthday, he was looking better. Mind you, his health was still fragile, but overall, his test results and appearance are improving. I am having reason to have hope that my faith will prevail.

I took a week-long business trip to Seattle. My spouse was able to be at home alone just fine, though I worried every day. He was fine.

September 2014

Blogcarshow1Spouse’s health continued improving, but he had a setback that worried him, his doc, and me. Reluctantly, we had to start up the antibiotics again, but less aggressively.

I was able to get out for some rides with my club and enjoy several late summer rides.

Spouse’s mother came to visit for a week. Oh joy. Oh well, at least she was able to visit this year. Last year, she could not visit during the summer because my spouse’s health condition was really bad.

October 2014

Spouse’s health got better and he regained some weight and strength.

I continued working as I usually do, and was thrilled to find out that I was selected as my agency’s “employee of the year” from among some 5,000 people. Wow… I truly appreciate being recognized for what I do for my job, and for accomplishing some rather challenging tasks that most people did not think could be done. I have a terrific boss who fought for me up the chain for this award and who inspires me to work hard.

Ridge04I enjoyed some early autumn rides on the Harley. Life was getting better.

November 2014

Spouse’s health became more stable. He regained more weight and stamina.

I continuing pouring myself into work and community activities, restoring my usual routine.

I traveled to a conference in mid-November, and received a top honor from the President of my professional association for my contributions to the association. I was humbly honored and proud.

Spouse was beginning to laugh, smile, and be more romantic. Things are looking up!

December 2014

Blogpost2Spouse’s health is in full remission from those ugly three infections that he has suffered from for over three years. We continue to work on ensuring that his health remains stable while improving his stamina. And he can finally eat “more normal” food than the rabbit food he has had to eat while on meds. Hallelujah! That rabbit food (mostly vegan non-inflammatory grains) was awful!

Mother-in-law came again for her annual visit for Christmas. But so did my twin brother and his wife. We had a joyful time, despite my M-I-L’s eating habits and lack of manners. But she is the only mother my spouse has, so we care for her however best we can to make her happy.

Christmas2014blogMy deep faith proved correct. I got my best Christmas present ever. Ever!

Best wishes to all for a great 2015!

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