10 Years

Banner10yearsHappy New Year! With the arrival of 2015, I am recognizing that my website, will have been functioning for TEN years! Amazing!

And to think…

…I developed this website just so that I would have an electronic method to know exactly what boots (and leather gear) I have in my collection, and that was it.

Over the last 10 years, my website site has grown, changed, and morphed into an information anthology and reference guide to boots of all sorts, styles, and varieties. Many of those who write to me thank me for providing information to them as they were searching for information.

Here is a very recent example:

I was never into cowboy boots before. However, after reading your site and trying on a pair, I feel like I’m a better looking man. Thanks for educating me on what to do and now I feel fantastic when I wear my Black Cherry Leather Dan Post boots. I hope you feel the same way when you wear yours.

Man, that was nice. I do not get as much email as people think, and comments like that are rare, but very appreciated.

Tens of thousands of people use internet search engines to look for information about boots and get directed to my website. As of today, more than 95% of my website’s visitors are driven to it by internet searches.

And to think, it really is only a hobby site. I do not use it to generate revenue, foist advertising upon visitors, or as a storefront. Simply, it is a fun thing for me to do.

Some guys like to solve crossword puzzles, play games on their mobile devices, or do on-line gaming. For me, I just fiddle with writing HTML (mostly), composing photos, and writing an opinion or two. This blog compliments my website, as well.

I hope you find my website helpful, interesting, and as much fun as I do.

If you are interested, I wrote a history of the major events on my website at this link. Read and be enlightened.

Life is short: join the 10-year celebration!

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