Darwin-Award Contenders on Motorcycles

I drove (a cage) up to Pittsburgh and back this weekend, when my spouse and I returned his mother to her home after visiting with us for a week.

While driving, both on the interstate and around her home town, I couldn’t help but notice guys on motorcycles. After all, it is summer!

Trouble is, most men on motorcycles were not bikers, but were…

… contenders for the Darwin Awards! Examples:

1. Guy on a sport bike, full-face helmet, mesh jacket, gloves…
… shorts and FLIP-FLOPS!
==> This idiot is #1 on the list for my recommendation for a Darwin Award.

2. Guys on big-ass Harleys…
… no helmet (Pennsylvania does not have a mandatory helmet law)
… shorts… sneakers
==> I saw more than a dozen of these clowns. The ones that contend greatest for the Darwin Award were those riding 80mph (128kmh) in a 65mph (104kph) zone … without a helmet. Really, really, really stupid.

3. Dude with Chick riding bitch (passenger) on a Harley
… dude is wearing jeans and boots (so far, so good)
… no helmet on either him or the female passenger
… and, you guessed it, the female passenger was wearing shorts and flip-flops with her feet very close to the hot pipes. Smart. Real smart.

After a while, I had to stop looking as seeing so many of these idiots was quite distressing. Soon enough, though, they may very well take themselves out of the gene pool.

Life is short: ALWAYS wear a HELMET, long pants, and MOTORCYCLE BOOTS when on a motorcycle!

2 thoughts on “Darwin-Award Contenders on Motorcycles

    • Since I was behind the wheel of a cage (car), driving my mother-in-law and spouse around, I couldn’t drive safely and take photos of idiots. I agree, images would support my position. Alas, I am a safe driver and don’t do anything except hold the wheel with two hands and concentrate on my driving when I’m operating a vehicle.

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