Up Bear

This blog is on hold while I am away… up bear… that is, near da ‘Burgh. I am driving my mother-in-law and spouse “up bear” to bring the MIL back to her home after a week’s visit with us which included a lot of eating, watching too much television, eating, and not much else….

My mother-in-law does not have internet service at her home. I do not have a smartphone or any mobile device that would get me an internet connection while I am at the mother-in-law’s house, and I’m not a coffee-swilling guppie who hangs out at coffee shops that provide free wifi, so I will be gleefully untethered.

Only downfall to not having an internet connection while I’m gone is that this blog will have to go “on hold” until I get back. Unfortunately, there is some failure with WordPress which no longer will post blog posts that are scheduled for future posting. Each morning, I have been reading “missed schedule” on future-scheduled posts and I have no idea why that is happening. I’ll figure it out sometime. Meanwhile, since I cannot have posts appear automatically while I am away, the blog will just have to wait until I return home.

Be safe, be well, and remember…

Life is short: enjoy being untethered to the Internet!

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