Hilarious Spam–Spelling Errors

This message was found in my spam folder for attempted comments on this blog:

naturally like your web site but you have to check the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth.

The message went on with some more babble that did not make any sense, and closed with the usual embedded link to some nefarious website that would probably introduce malware if I clicked on it or allowed it to be posted. No worries, I didn’t. (That is one reason why I never accept comments that have embedded links. The only links you see on this website are links that I have personally checked out and know that they’re safe!)

I find this spam comment hilarious and roared with laughter when I read it, before deleting it permanently.

I pride myself in my spelling and grammar. I sometimes spot a typo after one of my posts has gone live, and go back in and edit it. I can’t stand the reflection that poor spelling, grammar, and typographical errors on blogs make upon the author. Poor grammar and spelling indicates the author is poorly educated or just sloppy — he does not proofread his work.

Remember, the world can see your writing — be proud of it and proof your writing! I read some other blogs regularly and shake my head when I see frequent typos and misspellings. (You know who you are.)

Anyway, join me in a bit of Monday humor — some silly spammer claiming that I have frequent spelling errors. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Life is short: write well — the details of quality writing reflects on the author.

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  1. I read all your musings and I don’t see any spelling mistakes so we all make mistakes. Just keep it up enjoy reading them.

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