Tweaking the Blog

Every now and then, I look at how other WordPress blogs are set up and explore possible additions or changes to try to make it look and operate more smoothly for my readers. One thing I promise I will never do is…

… allow any form of advertising to appear on the main blog or individual posts. I hate that when I visit other blogs and websites. It makes them appear to be so cluttered. Plus I feel so “invaded” — that by tracking cookies and whatnot, targeted advertising finds that I am interested in boots and presents me with endless opportunities (ha!) Oh well, at least the targeted ads don’t present me with options to buy women’s lingerie (double ha!)

I have added a photo image background (idea inspired by a friend), though I am uncertain how it looks for visitors. This background is different, for example, on a few of my page categories like motorcycle boots or motorcycle ride … others will follow as I have time and no serious complaints.

I have tried reformatting the sidebar of the blog with varying degrees of success. Some things I have tried to do have temporarily removed it, or reorganized it, or duplicated content there and in the footer. Problem is, I make a change on-the-fly in the early hours before I leave my house to drive to work, and only discover that I messed things up while I am at work and don’t have access to the back-end of the blog — so I have to wait until I get home to fix things. Sometimes, things are better left alone, eh?

A friend who occasionally leaves comments on my blog asked me recently why his name and email address appeared in the blog comments section for a new post. I explained that it was his browser. Internet browsers these days “remember” sign-ons for sites that require it (such as on-line banking, etc.) unless you specifically tell it not to. Anyway, if you see your name and email appearing in the blog comment box, that’s cool. No one else, including me, sees that. It appears for you because of your internet browser settings.

Though yes, it does send that information to me when you submit a comment. All comments are moderated so I can delete spam, remove embedded links which are against my blog comment policy, and occasionally answer questions sent via comment that really should have been sent via email.

If you have ideas or suggestions for this blog — its layout, design, format, or content — please write to me and share your suggestions … or leave a comment, below.


Life is short: keep blogging!

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