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UPDATE: Read this update about my perspective and challenges with future video-making.

Some of my loyal followers have found me through my videos that I have posted on YouTube since 2006. Unfortunately, so-called “upgrades” of technology have conspired against me, so I have decided that I will not create any new videos. It is sad to have to arrive at this decision, but here’s why:

Last Sunday, I went grocery shopping. I was wearing leather jeans, black motorcycle jacket, and had my leather jeans tucked into Chippewa Hi-Shine boots. I thought before I left the house, I would bring along my video camera. I took a few videos of me shopping in tall boots and leather.

For the past several evenings after work, I have struggled to create what should have been a very simple and quick video. In the past, it took me only 15 minutes to edit and post a video. Not now! All totaled, it took me SIX HOURS to deal with Microsoft’s latest assault on “fix it even if it ain’t broke.” (That is, in my opinion, Windows XP worked fine; Vista that followed was an epic failure; Windows 7 had some quirks, but I got used to it and learned to like it. Windows 8, foisted on us by surprise at the end of 2012, is also “epic fail!”)

I transferred the video files to my new computer that has the Windows 8 operating system on it. After turning on “windows essentials 2012” then the usual video editor, “Windows Movie Maker” (WMM) became available.

Okay, so far so good.

I loaded the videos into WMM as I have done countless times before, then began editing.

Then things began to go wrong. WMM crashed. I restarted, reloaded, and tried again. It crashed again. I rebooted my computer; tried again; it crashed again. I had the system “fix” WMM, and it crashed again. I posted a note on Windows 8 forum, and while someone offered some suggestions, the problem continued. Micro-crap won’t take responsibility for failing software and crappy products that won’t work with each other. (Just sayin’; I’m “so done” with Micro-crap, when I have to get a new computer sometime in the future, I’ll break my resistance and go with a Mac.)

I removed and reinstalled the “windows essentials 2012” software. Another half-hour wasted — the WMM program still crashed … and crashed… and crashed. Damn!

Other searches suggested that I install a different video editor, so I downloaded and tried “ezvid.” It loads well enough, but is not intuitive and doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Anyway, I tried editing my video. I had to rotate two vids 90 degrees, which WMM can do and they say ezvid can do… but I never could find out how. No instructions, remember?

Disappointed and frustrated, I took the video files to my Win 7-based laptop on which I have a copy of Windows Movie Maker. I transferred the files and was able to edit the video — and it took me about 30 minutes, plus time to save it.

Then I got the bright idea to reload the video into ezvid so I could have free music supplied with it play in the background. That worked!

I clicked on the “upload to YouTube” feature of ezvid. I thought that would be a quick way to post the new video. However, a warning pops up that says in the fine print that ezvid will cause advertising to appear with any video that their software creates.

No way! I will NOT have any advertising with any of my videos (or elsewhere for media that I control) especially if the advertising makes money for someone else. Okay, it’s freeware, and that’s the cost of using it. Well, not for me. I want my viewers to have a completely ad-free environment.

So I just uploaded the video from my laptop the old-fashioned way. It finally worked.

All-in-all, this is absolutely crazy. I don’t have time to fool with all the problems that the unstable Windows 8 platform causes for me.

Take this strong recommendation: if you have to get another computer and choose a PC that comes with a windows operating system, insist on getting Win 7 installed with it, or dump Win8 if you get it and have a legal copy of Win 7 installed instead, before you transfer files or create new. Honestly, Win8 is absolutely, positively, awful!

Meanwhile, until or whenever I get better operating system that is compatible with easy-to-use video editing software, this video is the last one I will make for a long, long time, if ever. I don’t have time or patience to create any more.

Further, in full disclosure, I have made most of my previous videos at home in my back yard or on my deck while my fiance was at his office away from home. Now that my fiance has retired, he is home all of the time. He does not want me creating any videos when he is around. Now that he is always around, you see the outcome — no videos.

Hope you enjoyed my 6-year appearance on YouTube… unfortunately due to both technological reasons and spousal non-support, my career as “non-talented talent: Booted Harleydude” is over.

UPDATE: Read this update about my perspective and challenges with future video-making.

Life is short: know when to throw in the towel.

Oh — here’s my last video:

3 thoughts on “No More Videos

  1. BHD, I’m so very disappointed that you won’t be making any more videos. BUT, I do understand why you won’t. The story you tell of your trouble in editing and posting your latest video is saddening and frustrating to us viewers particularly as some of us only recently found you on YouTube. Still, you have left a very nice body of work and the information and videos you have out there now are fine pieces of ‘film’. I saw the last video you made and appreciate that you were able to walk around the grocer’s wearing leather and those very nice boots and no one said anything negative. Had I been there, I would most likely have complimented you on your couture as I do think you look good dressed in those expensive leathers. I do hope that even if you do not continue to post videos, you will continue to write on your blog and include photos so we won’t despair too deeply. That warmer temps are on their way and flip-flops may soon be out and about, combined with no new videos from you is a future too awful to contemplate.

    Thanks for your work (and videos) so far. They’ve been interesting as well as enlightening.

  2. Hi BHD,
    I agree fully and sympathize with your experience with Win8, and your reasons for not producing more videos.

    I just wanted to tell you your video on “how to break in new Dehner boots” was the single most beneficial video ever! Last year I bought a pair of Dehner patrol boots with the all-voyager leather option. They are fine boots indeed! Fortunately, I had viewed your instructional video some time before that so after photographing the boots right out of the box, I proceeded to “break them in” per your video. Now I wear them proudly and the ankle area flexes as they should with no unsightly odd creases and “corners” in the leather like my first pair of Dehcord patrol boots have degraded to after 10 years of very light duty use (usually worn to an office environment in the cold winter months).

    Best regards,

    • Roger, I am glad to know that my video was helpful to you. Thanks for the feedback.

      Yeah, Win8 is awful. I am learning work-arounds.

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