Boots At Home

Again, I am finding myself apologizing for not keeping up with this blog. One may think that since I retired and am pretty much staying home to reduce exposure to the Covid-19 virus, I would have more time to write on this blog.

One would think…. however, my days lately have been consumed with…

…caregiving for my beloved husband. I will not go into detail, but it is very serious. Generally, he is okay, but we’ve had a LOT of medical appointments and issues which are exceptionally hard to deal with during a pandemic.

When not attending to my husband, I have been doing a LOT of back-end maintenance of my boots & leather website. Since I converted it to HTTPS protocol, now search engines are finding it more often and visits to the website have increased rapidly from as low as about 200 visits/day to now more than 2,000 visits/day.

As I work on the website, I select boots that I have not worn as much as perhaps they deserve. In fact, I am changing boots about 2 – 4 times/day to try to give all of them some wear, and also realize/discover which boots *may* be on the resale list because I am not wearing them nor have use for them, or just don’t like any more.

I am choosing to wear cowboy boots and motorcycle boots more often, and dress boots less. I also pull on work boots from time to time as I do work on our property or repairs on rental properties that I own.

There is no problem wearing boots in the heat of summer — while you are sitting at a computer, cooking in the kitchen, or watching a movie in your air conditioned home.

I occasionally get out on my Harley, too, but not as often as I once did. I need to stick close to home these days.

Anyway, accept apologies for not blogging often. Of course if you have questions or suggestions, please drop me a note.

Life is short: wear boots, even if indoors.

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