Solo Riding

I realize that I have not posted much on this blog. There are some things going on at home about which I would rather not disclose that have returned me to being a caregiver.

Things are not *that bad*, but nonetheless concerning.

It has also been darned hot, classic for the Maryland ‘burbs of DC this time of year.

Spouse and I had planned…

…to be in Southern Ontario, Canada, for five months. We would have arrived on Canada Day, July 1, and stayed through the end of October.

Alas, with exceptionally ignorant so-called “leadership” of the U.S., the pandemic has gotten exponentially worse such that the USA is lumped in with Russia and Brazil for travel bans imposed by other countries — including Canada. So we’re stuck here.

To help me clear my head of depressing daily news about how our country continues its spin down the toilet, Spouse encouraged me to get out and ride my Harley today for some fresh air and before the heat and humidity got worse.

I rode about 100 miles in brilliant sunshine on mostly empty scenic roads of my home state of Maryland. I loved it. Maryland’s small towns are lovely — even if “pandemic empty.”

Spouse and I will retreat to our basement and watch a Hallmark Christmas Movie marathon. We deliberately want to ignore the idiocy going on in Washington DC where fireworks are still going to be shot off and military fly-overs will occur. Pandemic be damned.

Life is short: ride to clear your head of troubles.

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  1. Here in New York State, things are not that bad. I can’t stand our Governor one bit, but he has done a decent job with the pandemic for the most part (although he drags his ass with making decisions until the last possible minute.) I think it is a matter of time, however, before things go downhill yet again.

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