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Embossy Boots of Spain caught my attention about a year ago. Man, these are really cool-looking cowboy and motorcycle boots. I was intrigued by their design and obvious marketing to the…

… men who enjoy well-made tall boots. And yeah, the marketing of these boots is rather macho and appeal to masculine gay men like me, but the boots are so good-looking, they will appeal to anyone who admires a great boot design.

Last year, I communicated with the company owner, Daniel, about the sizing of the motorcycle engineer boot. My concern was that the calf circumference was a bit too narrow to accommodate my legs. He offered to make the boots custom for me, but the overall price for custom work and shipping to the USA was daunting. I ended up not making the purchase.

I tried to buy some Embossy Boots again another time, but had trouble with their internet payment system. While working with the company to clear the payment, I found that the boots I wanted were measured on the outside rather than inside (for calf circumference) and would not fit me. I canceled the order.

I was disappointed that it wouldn’t work out. Boots made in Spain are very good and sourced from quality materials and constructed with experienced craftsmanship. So I kept my eye on them.

Over the past year, I would receive marketing emails with some very appealing images of exceptionally nice-looking boots.

Finally, a “flash sale” around the USA “black Friday” offered a pair of “Embossy American” boots. These are tall, black, dress instep patrol boots. The price was exceptional, even though shipping is expensive (about US$50 using a reliable, expedient, well-regarded international shipper from Spain to the U.S.)

As I looked more at the Embossy website about these boots, I noticed that the calf circumference of the “Embossy American” patrol boot got wider proportionately to the foot size. I thought that I could accommodate a larger foot size simply by inserting gel insoles to take up some room.

So I “pulled the trigger” and submitted an order for the boots. Daniel remembered my past dialogue and contacted me before completing the order. He asked, “are you sure the boots will fit?” I understand — he does not want to have to deal with international returns which are complicated and expensive.

I explained how I selected the size of the boots that I ordered. He accepted my explanation and processed the order. The boots arrived five days after I bought them.

Man, these are sweet boots. They go well with breeches. I can’t wait to wear them while riding my Harley once the weather improves (next year.)

The quality and craftsmanship is quite evident. The stitching is superb and strong. The welting of the sole is excellent. While the sole is generic rubber, it is flexible. I would have prefered a Vibram sole, but the sole is okay “enough” to provide traction while operating a motorcycle.

The leather is supple. It flexes well, probably because the leather is a bit thinner than found on other patrol boots such as made by Dehner. Also, the boots are unlined, so that reduces stiffness and adds flexibility.

Overall, I recommend Embossy Boots. Well-made boots for the discerning man looking for quality.

See photos of my Embossy American boots here.

The Embossy Boots website is here.

Life is short: wear good-quality boots!

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