46th Reunion

I had a great time last night where once again, I met several friends with whom I attended school in seventh grade (that was “junior high school” at the time.) Back then, my friends and I got together and…

… went Christmas caroling around our neighborhood. We would meet each week for about eight weeks in advance of Christmas and practice to become familiar with the verses, harmonies, and melodies.

We enjoyed it so much, we continued caroling during high school. But what was most fun is that when we returned home from college (or in my case, welcomed friends who had gone away back home, since I lived close to where I went to college and commuted), we would have a reunion and (try to) go Christmas caroling again.

As we grew up, married, had children (and now grandchildren), we still find ways to get together this time of year. Ostensibly to go caroling, but as we have aged, our techniques and voices are … well … better left to conversation than singing.

Last night, we met at a friend’s house in which she lived when we were in school. She bought the house from her parents when they moved into a retirement community.

It was great to see “as old as me” friends again and enjoy some fun. We watched the younger children play games and we taught them some songs. We caroled more for each other than around the neighborhood.

I did not stay out long… my Spouse is not feeling well and I did not want to leave him alone for that long.

But for a couple magical and fun hours, I actually did “go home again” and relive some fun of the past. But most importantly, remaining connected with life-long friends is precious and special.

Life is short: when your roots are planted deeply in the community, you can enjoy some sweet memories.