Comparison of Tall Chippewa Boots

Several weeks ago, a motorcycle police Sergeant from a U.S. county sheriff’s department wrote me an email and asked a number of questions comparing Chippewa boots with each other, and with Dehner patrol boots as well. I thought the email exchange that we had was interesting. The Sergeant complimented me in the last email we shared by saying, “you are factual, unbiased, and well-informed. Thank you for helping me in deciding on my next pair of boots.”

Well, you’re welcome. I’m glad that you found my website and our email exchange helpful.

In response to that, I took some time last week to create a video where I compared and contrasted various tall Chippewa boots:  Hi-Shines (model #71418), Trooper boots (model #27950), and oil-tanned engineer boots (#27908 and #27909).  I also compared the Trooper (patrol) boots with stock Dehner patrol boots.

I hope you find this video interesting and helpful.

[Note: this blog post was written several days ago, and was scheduled to appear today while I continue to heal from surgery.]

Life is short: know your boots (and wear them!)