A Gorilla Rides a Police Harley

On Saturday, I was resting as I was recovering from my recent surgery when I heard a distinctive sound:  the rumble of a Harley’s engine.  The rumbling noise sounded close.  I got up and looked out the front window.

I saw a gorilla dismounting from a police Harley that had been parked in my driveway.

What?  Yep:  a gorilla.  Or at least it was a human in a gorilla costume.  He loped or whatever gorillas do and came to my front door.  His paws or whatever you call his hands were too large to push the ringer for the bell, but I opened the door anyway and pushed open the storm door.

He thrust a box to me, then began — I don’t know how to describe it — “aping around” on my front porch and the lawn.  He was making loud grunting noises and occasional shrieks.  I was dying with laughter, and it hurt like hell to laugh!  But laugh I did.  My partner stood behind me and laughed a lot, too.  Then the neighbors next door and across the street came out and watched the show.

I stepped outside to try to ask who it was, and he, she, or “it” came up to me, grunted and shook my hand, then ran to the bike, mounted it, and took off.

I was left standing in shock and bemusement wondering, “did this really happen?  Did a gorilla really ride a Police Harley to my door, hand me a box (containing a chocolate cake), dance around on my lawn, then take off?”

I checked with the “usual suspects” to find out if they knew anything about who was behind this.  My partner claimed innocence, and I believed him.  My siblings and some of my closest senior pals did, as well.

Then I thought about it, and decided to place a call to a cop who once rented a home from me.  About six years ago, his wife had lost her job and about the same time, had their first child.  They were really strapped for cash.  I forgave their rent for about six months until they got back on their feet.

Yeah, it was him — he “repaid” my kindness in his own way, which was very nice, a lot of fun, and quite enjoyable — though it hurt like hell!  LOL!  (Sorry, no photos. My camera wasn’t anywhere close by, and the gorilla didn’t stay long enough to pose for pictures. I hope my neighbors took some, though!)

Life is short:  paying it forward pays back.