Riding in the cold

I love to ride my Harley, but when it’s really cold out, my current windscreen-less bike lets the cold air strike. But that’s what leather and tall boots are for!

I picked up my bike from a routine service visit late yesterday afternoon, when temps were above freezing, but barely so. I have to admit, under all that leather, I have on wool long johns, two t-shirts, and a flannel shirt. Layers indeed work best. And while this pic shows me in a Muir Cap, of course I wear a full-face helmet when I am on the road. That also provides protection from the biting cold.

As long as there isn’t ice, snow, or water on the roads, I’ll ride. Well, as long as it’s above freezing. Below that, no matter how much I bundle up, I just get too uncomfortable to enjoy the ride. Sooooooon… oh how I dream, Spring will break. Dream on! Let’s boot up and ride!