Vintage Frye Boots

Frye boots are legendary in the boot world. When I was developing my boot fetish as a teen, it was the ’70s and Fryes were definitely cool boots! Lots of guys at school wore them. And they were affordable! About once a month, a shoe store in town ran a sale, and for $40, I could get myself a pair of these boots. I saved my pennies and bought, literally, dozens of these boots between 1970 and the late ’80s. I wore them everywhere — rode my motorcycle with ’em, stomped in mud with ’em, to work, to meetings, to school. I just lived in these boots.

Unfortunately, they really aren’t that comfortable and when I discovered that other boots were more comfortable, I wore Fryes less. But my passion remains, and about 10% of my boot collection is composed of Fryes.

And I can tell that I’m not alone, because every month as I review the statistics for my most viewed boots on my website, Fryes have consistently been ranked #1. About ten times as many visitors to my website looking at boots look at Fryes than any other maker or style. I really wonder why. Give me a comment with your thoughts.