Life is short, wear your boots

Life is short. I was reminded of that last night when a very close friend, mentor, and elected leader in the county where I live informed me that she is undergoing open heart surgery today to have a heart valve replaced. I have debated, engaged, and worked so closely with this elected official for the past 28 years that I am reminded not to take your friends and family for granted. I am sending messages to my family and friends today just to say “hey, I’m thinking about you, I love you.”

Life is short. Wear your boots. Pictured is what I’ve got on today, sans the tie. I thought about wearing the tie, but didn’t need to, and didn’t want to. I don’t like to dress up and find ties constricting. Lucchese 1883 brown cowboy boots with fancy stitching are on my feet today.
They are real comfy, and the soles are worn enough that they won’t slip on wet pavement since it rained last night.