Guide to Motorcycle Police Boots

One of the most popular tutorials about boots that I have ever written, my Guide to Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots, has been updated.

This Guide receives visits on the order of 300 – 500 per day from all over the world. Many police agencies and governments visit, in addition to the usual assortment of others who are interested in the boots.

I received a great compliment the other day from a sergeant in a law enforcement unit on the U.S. West Coast. He said:

Thanks for that great review of police patrol boots. It was very informative and insightful. I have been wearing boots for over 15 years, but I learned from this website even more useful information. Thanks.

… that was nice. Thanks, Sergeant. I’m here to serve. (smile.)

I also received an email asking me about Hispar “Raven” police patrol boots. These cheap knock-offs that are made in Pakistan have been appearing on Amazon and Yahoo vendor “stores” since last summer. I bought a pair of boots through this vendor, and can tell for myself that they’re cheap. The leather is thin and of substandard quality. I personally can’t recommend them.

Quality cop boots remain what we know and admire: All-American “Blue Knight” Patrol Boots, Chippewa Hi-Shine Engineer Boots, Dehner Patrol Boots, and Wesco Patrol Boots.

Visit the Guide to see the update.

Life is short: boot up and ride!