Boot Information Abounds

Since I created the Boots Wiki in February, I have added a number of new articles on it, including the following:

How to Lace Station Boots

Traveling by Air with Boots

Lined or Unlined Boots

How to Stretch Leather Boots

Shrinking Leather Boots

Regular Care of Boots

Care of Boots with Fancy Stitching and Lizard/Snake Inlays

Can Damaged Dehner Boots Be Repaired?

Do Wesco Boots Run True To Size?

Frye Campus Boots

Need Extra Long Boot Laces?

These are but a few examples of additions found on the Boots Wiki. More will follow, including boot reviews and much more.

This has been interesting, though I wish more of the registered Boots Wiki users would join in by adding more content. This is a collaborative thing, so come on, collaborate!

If you want to join the Boots Wiki team, let me know!.

Life is short: know your boots!

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