Can I Wear Engineer Boots Without Looking Like I Am Gay?

Yep, believe it or not, here it goes again:
EngineergayQuestion via Google directed to a post on this blog, “can i wear engineer boots without looking like i am gay”


Answer I would love to give: No. If you have to ask such a question, come out of the closet and just admit you’re gay, then pull on your engineer boots and be done with it.

Now, back to reality.

My real reaction: Seriously? What is it with some people who think that wearing a certain type of boots — engineer, harness, or brightly colored cowboy boots — means he is gay?

Do guys who wear engineer boots also display certain gay stereotypes more frequently? Not.

Do guys who wear flip-flops display certain gay stereotypes more (or less) than guys who wear engineer boots? Not.

Honestly, I have no idea where people get silly ideas like this in their heads. Get over it.

Read this past post — “Engineer Boots Gay” for more details.

Some men wear engineer boots. Some of those men are gay. That’s it. If you are afraid of “looking gay” by choosing to wear engineer boots, then you have many more “issues” to deal with that go way beyond what this blog is about. Perhaps some professional help from a psychiatrist may be in order.

Life is short: wear engineer boots.