Bike-napped by a Motorcop

Monday was a great day, weather-wise. Brilliant sunshine, low humidity, temperature just right — 82F (28C) — when I was leaving work. As I was mounting my Harley in the parking garage, I was ticking off in my head a list of things that I had to do when I got home. Work on the patio. Call some senior pals to check in with them. Prepare dinner for my spouse and me. Pay some bills. Routine stuff — none of which included motorcycling.

As I was exiting the parking garage, I saw a guy on a Harley Ultra who seemed to be waiting for me. He gave me a big grin and said,

“Surprise! I’m taking you for a ride!” it was a buddy who is a local motor officer, but also a friend I have known for a long time. He is one of the rare ones who rides a police motor as well as has his own personal bike that he rides in his off-time (usually with my club.)

I began to protest, and he shut that down real fast. “You look after my Mom on weekends when I have to work. Today, we are turning the tables. She is making dinner for [your spouse] and I’m taking you for a ride and to dinner. That’s it — let’s ride!”

… and off we went.

We rode about 100 miles, had dinner at some biker bar/burger joint, and I loved every minute of it. Fresh air, sunshine, breeze, boots and bikes. And smiles. Lots and lots of smiles.

I so needed that.

Thanks, buddy, for the great break from routine, chores, and work. It’s like you read my blog and knew that I needed a vacation. Riding for a few hours after work on a nice day is just what the doctor ordered.

Life is short: what goes around comes around.

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  1. BHD, you are very fortunate to have friends and acquaintances who love and care for you and your spouse. And that some of them also share your love of motorcycling and a sense of adventure is even better. I would say you are a wealthy man. Glad to hear you had a good time and got a needed lift to boot.

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