Engineer Boots Gay?

Search engines, Bing this time, never cease to bring me amusement.  Someone from Mineola, Texas, (about 80 miles east of Dallas) searched:

“Engineer Boots Gay?” and landed on my “Wesco Boots — Gay” blog post. 

I will not repeat myself (too much) from what I wrote yesterday.  I have learned that kids today use the word “gay” as a synonym for “lame.”  The concern expressed, if someone is searching for it, is to know the opinions of other people about engineer boots.

I have to say that engineer boots are among the most masculine in appearance and design.  Their design dates back over 150 years, to the days when trains were running into new territories in the westward expansion of the United States.  With a bold, rounded toe, single strap and buckle across the instep, the boots make a firm statement.  In my opinion, the statement is that the man wearing them doesn’t put up with anyone’s bullsh*t.  Most guys who are man enough to wear engineer boots — be it to have on while riding a motorcycle or just knockin’ about the neighborhood casually — are strong and confident.

In my opinion, if you have to ask, “engineer boots gay,” then you aren’t mature enough to wear them because you’re still worried about other people’s opinions.  When you grow up to become a man, you will realize that other people’s opinions about what you choose to wear on your feet are lame — not the boots.

‘nuf said.

Life is short:  wear boots, engineer style or otherwise.

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  1. I used google to get on this blog by entering "cowboy wrangler" on the image mode. My reason for doing this is that I get sexual pleasure from seeing photos of well-built men wearing wrangler jeans. So you don't have to wonder about it. Nowadays men wear big baggy oversized pants so looking at pictures from the past is about all the stimulation that I get. It is not like I would ever actually have sex with a real live person.

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