The word “pazienza” means, in English, “patience.” Being calm, kind, and patient with people who annoy me is a lesson that I must continue to apply. My depth of pazienza has been tested recently and will be tested again soon….

You probably figured out that I remain mildly annoyed with people who search stupid questions on the internet — not realizing that what they search for is pretty much public information — all this hoopla about that kid who “revealed” how people’s “privacy is being invaded” has made this matter better known — but it has been going on since the U.S. military invented the Internet (long before a certain U.S. Vice President is attributed to have done the same.)

Well, I can put the search questions such as in yesterday’s post in a box of “stupid stuff” and move on. There always will be some people who think certain things are true that are not true, and there is no way you can convince them otherwise. So why beat your head flat against a wall of dumbness? Okay, moving on….

I got highly annoyed with a U.S. bank that is euphemistically referred to as “Crapital Scum.” Their inept call-takers actually made things worse for a couple of accounts that I maintain. When they admitted that they cannot fix a technical problem, I told them that I had no other recourse but to close an account. But then they put a silly restriction on what source of payment they would accept for a final pay-off for that account and were trying to tell me that I had to go to my bank and get a letter on the bank’s letterhead to tell them that my bank account was okay. Hell no. I ain’t gonna go running around getting letters to solve problems THEY created!

I wrote a strong letter to the President and CEO of Crapital Scum — much good that will do, but it helped me relieve tension. I also closed all of my accounts with that bank and am going through the shenanigans to transfer money to other banks, diversify, and rebalance my assets. I should have done that long ago when Crapital Scum began buying up all the smaller banks I had been using. Take a hike, Crapital Scum! (BTW, loyal readers, if you have accounts or credit cards with that awful bank, just look up the complaints, fines, and recent court actions taken against them for which they were found guilty. You may also choose to get your assets out of their claws before they screw you, too!)

These next days and the coming week will be a trial of pazienza, too. My spouse and I will go pick up his mother and bring her to our house to eat for a week, and otherwise visit, eat, sit in our garden, and eat. Did I say that she eats a lot? LOL! Oh well, it makes me happy that she enjoys whatever I prepare for her.

This blog will likely be “on hold” for a few days while we go fetch her, bring her to our house and get her settled for her annual summer eating fest.

Thanks, loyal readers, for your pazienza with my occasional rants and such. As I always say,

Life is short: have patience!

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One thought on “Pazienza

    You know she loved to eat and I think you’ve mentioned that you like to cook, so if it is a control issue, you’re still in the pilot position. Take her out along those wonderful paths you’ve created, feeding her the whole distance. Enjoy the time together, and, you said the word first; “pazienza.”
    The best to you!

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