Another Man’s Opinion About Flip-Flops

I am not the only man who has a disdain for those ugly, unsightly, dorky-looking things that some men choose to wear in summer months. I can’t call them footwear. They really aren’t. They are a symbol of a very poor choice made by men who don’t know how bad they look and how bad they are for the feet. Or to quote an article in a newspaper, “flip-flops connote a sort of half-dressed slatternliness, a sense that the wearer has forgotten to do anything at all with his or her body from the ankles down.”

A visitor to this blog, Craig, wrote a comment on an old post where my foot doctor said that he strongly disapproved of flip-flops. Because that post was so old, I doubt readers would see it, so I brought the comment forward to make this mid-40s man’s words about a new passion for wearing harness boots and disdain for flip-flops and sandals more evident.

Here is what Craig said:

I have a pair of Frye 12R harness boots that are my everyday choice of footwear. They’re unbelievably comfortable even in the summer months and they look so darn good.

I had always wanted a pair of harness boots or campus boots when I was younger, but I always ended up with just tennis shoes. I can tell you that there is no tennis shoe that I’ve ever worn that can equal the comfort, looks and incredibly durability of my harness boots. And in this fourth decade and a half of my life, I wish I would’ve worn these boots when I was younger.

I’m one of the numerous people who can’t stand those hideous flip-flops. They’re so friggin’ ugly! Ugly and spindly looking. There’s nothing worse than going into a restaurant and having to look at group of unsightly flip-flop clad feet. For the life of me I don’t know what the attraction is to those ugly shoes. If you can even call them shoes! What started the stupid trend of flip-flop wearing anyway? And what’s really pathetic is that some “designer” flip-flops cost almost as much or even more than a quality pair of harness boots!

Well, it’s not just the egregious flip-flops that I detest, it’s guys wearing any kind of sandal. I don’t want to look at some dudes poorly maintained feet! If you want to wear those things to the beach, the poolside or just lounging around the house then fine.

Here’s something else I can’t make heads or tales out of either: why do those nasty looking, flimsy looking, german made Birkenstock sandals cost so much? I paid $160.00 for my Frye harness boots and I’ve seen those Birkenstock sandals selling for more than that! All that money for a goofy looking leather and cork sandal?!!!

There’ll never be any other type of footwear that I’d wear other than my harness boots. I did try on some really nice Lucchese cowboy boots a few months ago and they felt really good and looked great too.

I am glad to read Craig’s own words which speak for themselves. If I have only one regret, it is that Craig was unaware that Frye harness boots made today are made in China of very poor quality workmanship and materials compared with vintage Fryes when made by the “real” John A. Frye Company when it was in Massachusetts. Nonetheless, he likes his Frye harness boots, and I am glad to read about another man’s conversion to boot-wearing when he did not wear them at a younger age. Good going, Craig!

Chipharness02If readers want to know what harness boots I recommend over Fryes — I strongly recommend Chippewa Harness Boots. Made in the USA of superb materials, these boots are rugged, have a Vibram sole, and are much better quality. They cost about US$40 more than what Craig said that he paid for his Fryes, so the additional cost will quickly be recovered because the quality provides many more years of wear. A very worthwhile investment.

Life is short: Boots are for the feet and flip-flops are for the trash!