Transforming a Vision to My Happy Place

While I took somewhat of a break from blogging for a while, it doesn’t mean that I have been sitting around at home wallowing in grief over the death of my husband.

Today I realized completion of a vision that my husband had for our home.

It all began in 2019 when a large deck that my husband and I built on our house was falling apart. We decided that it needed replacement. The deck is 11 feet off the ground, leaving the space under it open.

We had a hot tub under the old deck, but it gave out. My husband and I decided not to replace it, but instead build a “three-season room” where we could relax in a bug-free environment and view our forested back yard.

Last year…

I had the old deck demolished and a new deck built. At my age, I could not build it myself like we did 23 years ago. I hired reputable and reliable pros who did the job very well. During installation, they installed a rain protection system that collects rain and channels it into a gutter and downspout, leaving the underside of the deck completely dry.

I decided to build the three-season room under the new deck myself. I have the skill and being retired, the time.

The project was a major undertaking, and not easy by any means. But with time, patience, and persistence, I got to work. The captions in the photos below show the steps.

Began July 2021 with a pile of rubble

Concrete pad poured and cured for 2 weeks

Dropped in pressure treated posts and wrapped them in RDX (to give a nice appearance)

A buddy and I installed a fiberglass ceiling

Ran electricity for LED lighting, ceiling fan, and outlets

Custom windows took 6 weeks to make. I ordered them in August for delivery right after I returned from my motorcycle trip out west.

Installed custom-made thermoplastic operable windows

French doors were delayed for 4 months; installed in November

Lots of time-consuming detail with caulking, insulating, trimming, & painting

LVF flooring, installed June 2022, completes the project

I sit out there almost every evening; boots up, listening to music, and relax to the setting sun. Ahhhhh… tranquility! I know my husband would have loved this space! I certainly do!

Life is short: enjoy peace in your “happy place” at home!

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  1. Hey BHD!

    What boots were you relaxing in while sitting in your finished 3-season room?

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