Major Home Project Finished

Last week, a major project at my home was completed. Now that this is done, I will be getting out on my new Harley more to ride! Yay!

So what is this project?

Back when I built the house that my husband and I lived in since October, 1998, I built a large two-level deck off the kitchen (upper level). It went down a set of stairs to a lower level adjacent to our basement that is at ground level and had a “walk-out” (door.) We installed a hot tub on the lower level.

After 22 years of hot sun, rain, snow, and ice, the old deck reached the end of its life and began to crumble. Part of the problem was that my husband insisted on using cedar for the deck. While that is a beautiful wood, it required a lot of maintenance and could not withstand the harsh extremes of our weather.

Further, the hot tub pumps stopped working and would cost a lot to repair. We decided to have it removed and hauled away.

Last year, my husband and I began searching for a contractor to replace it. Unfortunately, everyone was staying home due to the pandemic and all had the same idea. We could not line up a contractor to do this work. The few contractors who responded to my requests for bids said that their workload was so heavy, they could not even look at our project for six to eight months.

Then my husband got sick and I turned 1000% of my attention to his care. We put the deck replacement “on hold.”

This past February as I was managing grief of my husband’s death, I began a new search for a deck builder to get this project done, even if my husband could not enjoy it. I was fortunate to find a contractor who had reasonable availability (May/June).

During most of May and the first week of June, our large “main” (upper level) deck has been completed. It is made of Trex, which is a manufactured product that requires much less maintenance (no staining or water-repellent treatment) as well as withstands extremes of temperature much better than wood.

The lower level will have a concrete pad. I will enclose the underside of the deck myself to turn the space into a “three-season” room. That will occur later this summer.

Here are some photos. Let the entertaining begin! (well… after new furniture is delivered in late June.)

Rain capture system will keep area under the deck dry. This area will be closed-in to make a 3-season room.

Life is short: make home improvements to enjoy living again!