New Website and Blog Host

For those who don’t know how these things work, all websites, including my Boots & Gear site and this blog, require “hosting.” A web host places files that control what you see when you visit websites on its server(s).

The files include…

…pages with words, titles, captions, and so forth, with coding that tells the page where to display images, links, data-entry areas, font size, character type (“font face”), colors (background, headers, subheads, type, borders) and so on.

I have been having major problems with the hosting company on which I had my website and my associated blog files, photos, and coding controls hosted.

Hostgator, the hosting company I was using, used to be reliable, dependable, and had good technical support.

However, that changed in March 2021.

Hostgator “upgraded” the PHP level applied to the server of my website. I knew that was going to happen. However, when they did that, the new PHP level “broke” my photo galleries that used Coppermine software to display all those photos. Then things quickly degraded from there.

I made numerous phone calls to Hostgator Support between March 10 and April 28. Some times I reached someone who appeared to know what he was talking about and tried to help me. Other times, I could barely understand the accent of the Support Representative. Some times Hostgator Support would give up and disconnect my call, requiring me to go back through their atrocious automated attendant that cannot “hear” the difference between a “p”, “t”, or “v.”

I went through a lot of shenanigans making changes to my site to try to remove anything that could be causing problems. I kept being warned that my website was using too much CPU time. I had not changed anything before I received those warnings. The CPU demand was created by whatever Hostgator did on the back-end on March 10 or after.

My website and blog were available and not available for days… weeks… almost two months, on-and-off. On receiving constant “CPU overusage” warnings via email every two hours yesterday (April 28), and after another hour on the phone with Hostgator Support — the problem continued and never was fixed.

Hostgator kept blaming me for something that was all their fault and for which they refused to take any responsibility.

I never could reach a manager or anyone with authority.

I had it. Hostgator is now a miserable failure of a web hosting company. If you read this blog — DO NOT CONSIDER HOSTGATOR FOR ANY WEBSITE, BLOG, OR E-COMMERCE SITE! This company is absolutely awful. The refuse to acknowledge their own mistakes and treat long-time customers very poorly.

I had no recourse but to buy web hosting by a different company and migrate my website and blog to A2 Hosting. I certainly hope this will be better, faster, and responsive. I hope. Time will tell.

Life is short: abandon garbage, such as Hostgator.