New Harley

It has been a long…long…long time coming, but…

…I finally got my new bike!

This is a 2021 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim. Color is “billiard red.”

When I bought the bike, I also ordered new bars, grips, windshield, “hammock” seat including passenger seat for my husband’s spirit, foldable back rest, luggage rack, and a few other (expensive) doo-dad parts, but it’s mine!

This motorcycle has a larger engine (107cu / 1750cc) than my 2008 Road King (96cu / 1573cc), but overall, the bike is 150 pounds / 68 kg lighter and 1.5 inches / 4cm lower, which makes a world of difference for making it easier for me to park, mount, and dismount.

Of course, it had to start raining just as I finally got the new bike and was able to leave the dealership. Quite a lengthy process to get out of there.

It rained lightly all the way home. However, traffic was light and it’s a straight-shot 20-mile ride to home on two-lane well-maintained roads.

YAY! I’m home with my new therapy tool! What kind of therapy is that? Only bikers understand: wind therapy. Yippie-dee-doo-dah! Let’s ride!Life is short: appreciate all the help from everyone who made this possible — my husband’s spirit, my sister, my motorcop buddy, another fellow biker bud, and everyone who let me get home safely (and not run me off the road for riding too slowly.)

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