28 Years Ago

This date, April 25, 1993, was the day I met my one-and-only man. I describe how we met on this post on this blog.

What is significant to me today, April 25, 2021, is…

… managing another day of a strong memory that triggers grief, sorrow, and sadness. I would much rather be snuggling with him in bed as we watch the sun rise and enjoy each other’s warmth and affection.

Instead, I planned an activity to honor him.

Working with a local elected official and fellow medic buddies, we arranged to hold vaccination demonstration events at houses of worship, and provide mobile vaccination clinics in tents in the parking lots of these religious institutions. This organization and activity provides outreach to very hard-to-reach groups who we are targeting for efforts of inclusiveness.

Our entire team today is fully bilingual, so I hope we will communicate well with our clients and make some new friends along the way with our neighbors.

Yeah, these events and mobile clinics are right here close to home… a few miles down the road from where my husband and I live(d).

Wish me success. That’s all I want — a method to care for my neighbors and do something positive in honor of my husband’s memory.

Life is short: serve in honor.