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I was introduced to Southwest Boot Company by a reader who wrote to me a couple months ago to ask for my opinion about this company and their boots.

According to the company website, they have been in business in Glendale, Southern California, since 1990. Funny, I’ve been around the block a lot in the Boot World, and only learned about them recently, so they must have been a small outfit that has expanded.

Today, I write about their “FFB” series of station boots — a favorite boot style of mine. (more after the jump)

Long-time readers of this blog and my website know that I rave about the firefighter boot style as “the” perfect choice for wear when operating a motorcycle.

The features of this boot that I like best include:

  • 8-inch height — full ankle protection without been so tall as to become hot, especially in hot and humid weather that I am accustomed to here in the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Cushioned collar — nothing hurts worse than a boot shaft scraping the tender skin on lower calfs and causing bleeding sores.
  • Full Goodyear welt — makes them water-resistant and very durable.
  • Vibram 100 “big lug” soles — for superior traction, especially when stopped on asphalt or “duck-walking” a heavyweight bike into a parking spot.
  • Attractive “high-shine” coating — not only do the boots look good, they are very easy to maintain with a quick wipe-down using a damp cloth.
  • Central boot zipper — once the zipper is laced in, these boots are really easy to pull on, zip up, ride, then unzip and pull off.
  • The Southwest Boot Company makes this style of boot with different features: with or without a steel toe, waterproof, or structural (with built-in impact resistance.)

    This boot directly copies features and competes with the Chippewa Firefighter (“Ruttman” model 27422). I have worn and swear by this boot for well over a decade. I love ’em for their comfort, style, design, traction, and rugged durability.

    I just got a pair of the Southwest Boot Company FFB-105 boots and tried them out. They were easier to lace up and get fitted to my feet than their Chippewa Firefighter cousins.

    Because my pair of boots does not have a steel toe, they are a little lighter than their Chippewa cousins, too. Also, they are a bit more flexible, which adds to comfort.

    Since Chippewa Firefighters have been discontinued, which I truly regret, I am pleased to learn and try for myself a great equal — the Southwest Boot Company FFB series boot.

    If you’re looking for a great station boot, firefighter style, and want to wear a boot that provides protection, style, and comfort when operating a motorcycle — get this boot. You will like it!

    Life is short: know your boots and always, always, wear boots when riding a motorcycle!

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