Booted in August

I can’t believe it is August 1 (date of this post.) I regret it has been two weeks since I last posted here. There is one main reason…

…that I am not posting more frequently, yet I cannot say why publicly. It is really bad news.

Meanwhile, I am trying to remain booted even though my home area has had a hot spell of extended days of air temperatures exceeding 90F (33C) and humidity as usual for the swamp of the DC area at 70% or greater.

With the continuing pandemic, and that other major thing going on, I am staying home. Only exceptions are to get groceries and drive the Spouse to medical appointments. That’s it!

It has been so darn hot, I have not ridden my Harley much, either.

At home, I admit, I pad around mostly in socks. There are times, though, that I pull on a pair of boots because I miss them… and they miss me. But always indoors in air conditioned comfort.

Spouse and I are not risking contracting a virus that could kill us if we contracted its disease, Covid-19. Cases of the disease are increasing, wildly so in many areas of the United States due to plain old stupidity and ignorance, led by the Ignoramus-In-Chief.

Maryland is doing better than most other states; however, the pandemic rages on, so we stay home (mostly.)

However — Spouse was on a tear to get a super-dooper high quality new digital SLR so we can take brilliant and sharp photos of the flora and fauna in our area. Today we did that in a botanical garden down the road from us. Few people were there, and all wore face coverings and kept their distance.

Photo at the top is one example.

Life is short: enjoy life at home, safely.